Star Wars Day, 2021 Hype, the Disney Cruise Line Jumps to Hyperspace, and More!

The Disney cruise ship gets a hyperspace lounge and more lots more. MUSIC PLAYING Hey. You fell asleep with your sign again.. You fell asleep. With your sign. Again. Let’s go to the news., You go to the news.. May the force be with you. Deals, deals deals., Get your Star Wars. Games deals here, folks. To celebrate Star Wars Day. All you gamers out. There can help yourself to up to 75 off games, including Star Wars, Squadrons Star Wars, Jedi Fall in Order, the Star Wars, Battlefront II, celebration edition Minecraft, where your square headed avatar can don a free, R2 D2 beanie, the Sims 4 Star Wars Journey to Batuu, and Now This is Pod Racing with Star Wars, Racer. To see the full list of these deals and other May. The 4th sales, including deals on apparel toys, books and collectibles head to StarWars.comthisweeknow., Dryden Vos isn’t, the only cool yacht owner anymore.. Today we learned that the new Disney cruiseship will debut Star Wars, Hyperspace Lounge, styled as a luxurious yacht class spaceship., Although it won’t set sail until next summer on right now, you can learn more from a Walt Disney imagineer who helped bring the new immersive experience To life., There may or may not be a performance of the hit single quotChicken in the Pot.quot You’re, going to have to check it out to find out. Hello.. What have we here, It’s going to be a while before we hop off this Bad Batch hype? Train? So strap in.

WHISTLE Entering the holo tables of Star Wars. Galaxy of Heroes. This week is the one and only Wrecker., Starting today you can add the Bad Batch bruiser to your squad, a genetically engineered soldier who will protect his allies with ferocity and strength. I’m betting. He’S also a hugger. To add this lovable teddy bear to your holo table, download, Star Wars, Galaxy of Heroes. Right now on the Apple and Google Play store. And speaking of Clone Force 99 yesterday saw the release of this poster of Bad Batch leader Hunter. Looking ready to take on the whole Empire himself. And earlier today, you voted for the reveal of Echo with this glorious new poster art., Keep your eyes open for a new character, poster every single day until the premiere, when the cavalry arrives with a new animated series On Disney on, say it with me: May the 4th. Ain’t no party like a Bad Batch party, because the Bad Batch party don’t stop. Seriously. You can just keep rewatching the episode over and over and over and over and over and over again. Real talk by this time. Next week, Star Wars, the Bad Batch will have made its glorious debut with a 70 minute premiere episode. Over on we’ve got everything you need to get ready for the big day. A crash course in Clone Force 99 a watch list to get you pumped and Leave you sobbing. I’m, not going to lie to you.

There’s a lot of Echo and Clone 99 on that list.. A delicious recipe for a Bad Batch of cookies see what we did there, which would be adorable to serve up in a clone bucket. And for some additional party fun. Starwars.Com has a new interactive downloadable. Bad Batch bingo game. Say that three times fast. Play along with friends and family as you watch the premiere with a fun set of game cards that can be printed or downloaded to your mobile device, using this link. So handy., But wait there’s more. Over on the Star Wars, app we’ve got stickers, galore from the Bad Batch skull logo to the uniquely constructed helmets of Hunter Cross, Hair Tech, Echo and Wrecker. Pick your favorite to turn yourself into a Bad Batcher right now on the Star Wars app, which, I might add, is up For a Webby Award., I think you know what that means. Don’t forget to cast your vote at the address. Below., Oh and it also doesn’t, hurt to have a Bad Batch hype whistle of your own. WHISTLE Party on Darth. I find your lack of faith disturbing. That’s. It for this week, but for more on these stories and other news from around the galaxy check out, And be sure to join us right here for This Week in Star Wars. Every Thursday.

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