Star Wars Day, 2021 May The 4th Be With You | Star Wars Day Unboxing

Oh, i cannot wait to check it out. Thank you so much to the team at disney, plus australia and zing pop culture for sending this over this box is absolutely gigantic. It is spaceship gigantic uh. So thank you very much. I can’t wait to see what’s inside let’s pop the lid. There is so much cool stuff like oh, my god. I cannot even i can’t wait to go through this. Thank you so much disney, plus and zing uh. I really appreciate that you’ve thought of me to send this over i’m a huge fan of star wars. I’Ve been watching it ever since i was a little kid all of the movies. The vintage collection is on disney plus, as well as all the new stuff and animated series. Uh there are vintage animated series. I didn’t even know there was an earwox one and i’m going to be checking that out. So definitely, if you haven’t tried disney plus uh, i highly recommend it get yourself a subscription. I love it. I watch it all the time uh. Thank you. Teams let’s check out what’s in here, ah it’s, a cute cap flat brim and oh it’s from mandalorian, so it is the baby. Oh my gosh baby grogu how cute love that that design is really cool. I love the coloring on the hat too blue. My favorite color, so cute uh. What else is in here? Oh a storm, trooper cap. This is all so awesome.

Oh my oh, that is very, very nice. I love that and i love the design as well. That is so so cute. Oh sam, awesome, awesome! Oh, there is so many goodies in here i’m, not sure what else to uh to check out first, oh ventress uh, so this is character from the clone wars, a figurine that is so cool. Damn, oh there’s, a note in here. There is a note. Oh oh! I missed the note – oh my goodness, uh hi, emily beau may the force be with you on this star wars day. Uh may the 4th what started as a clever pun shed amongst fans has now become a fully fledged celebration of all things. Star wars, embraced by the entire galaxy this year for this momentous day, we’ve partnered with our friends in pop culture, to create the ultimate may, the fourth gift pack for you. This is incredible so far and we’ve only pulled out three pieces and i can see what else is in here and i can’t wait enjoy the plethora of your star wars, bounty and goodies uh like the exclusive. Oh, my gosh, okay, okay, there is an exclusive piece of lego in here. Oh my goodness, i cannot wait to check this out. Oh my um, i go i’m shaking again. Uh collector sets from hasbro and star wars, uh black series it’s. I can see it right now guys i can’t wait to show you it’s incredible.

We also included some star wars, inspired activities to add even more fun to your celebrations. Uh make sure you tune in to the premiere of the brand new original animated series star wars, the bad batch on may 4th only on disney plus, oh, that is so cool. Thank you so much, oh, my goodness, all right! So we have this cool book um! Oh it’s, the for the new series, the bad batch, how cool? I cannot wait to see this uh and obviously we’ve got some activities. Oh snow trooper, toast yum. Oh, we got a fruit smoothie there that is awesome and some more activities so cool. Thank you very much team that is very thoughtful and again, as i can see this exclusive piece of lego in here, i can’t wait to check that out. Oh let’s keep going alright, so we’ve got a star wars, puzzle thousand piece, very, very cool it’s, the vintage um star wars, luke on there, we’ve got uh, leia and han and yoda darth, vader, very, very cool that will keep us entertained. Oh, i, like my coffee on the dark side that is so cool. I am a vader fan everyone um, so i absolutely love this. Thank you so much that you’re so cool, oh, my god, bob of it figure. Thank you so much. I love him. Oh, that is incredible. Thank you so much i’m. I cannot wait just oh, i can’t spoil anything. Oh my gosh um.

Thank you so much i’m, a huge fan that is incredible. Oh my goodness, i didn’t i’m too busy there’s so much in here guys. Thank you, and if you are looking for any of this cool merch, you can check it out at zing pop culture i’m, going to leave some link in the links in the description for you, aussies to definitely uh head to the website and check out this stuff And grab it for yourself, because this is blowing me away absolutely incredible. Star wars blanket oh, oh, my gosh! I will open it. That is so cool um the design is. It looks like it’s going to be the same as that puzzle, but yeah. Oh, my goodness that is so cool. Oh, ah incredible all right! We have oh clothing, how cool? Oh that’s, the perfect size? Thank you so so much! I love this shirt, design, they’re! So cool! Look at that! Oh and hoodie! Oh, my goodness! Look at this print on the back – oh my god! This is incredible team. This artwork is so cool. Oh i’m, pretty speechless again! This is so incredible. Oh as a huge, this is just blowing me away. Thank you! So much um and in here we’ve got two more pieces. We have a four plea piece glass set, look at that they look awesome. They are so so cool very heavy too. I can’t wait to open those up uh. They are so cool that is so awesome.

Music, goodness right, don’t fall i’m gon na use the force to hold that there all right and lucky last in the box. Thank you. So much again is this darth vader lego. This is absolutely incredible. Um i i am a huge uh darth vader fan uh. This is so incredible darth i, like my absolute favorites uh. Thank you so much what an incredible pack uh may, the fourth be with you definitely check out zing pop culture. Thank you very much to disney plus as well for sending this over and if you haven’t downloaded and tried on your tvs, disney plus, do it. It is incredible. You can watch all star wars on there, uh and don’t forget. The new show is going to be landing on disney, plus on may 4th, which is the bad match, but thank you so much everyone uh for watching. I can’t wait to open all this stuff up.

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