Star Wars Day, 2021 : May The 4th Deals and Exclusives

If you visit There are a couple of articles that have lists of deals and exclusives coming out for star wars, day 2021, but it’s. Not a complete list so we’re going to cover some of the highlights from as well as some additional deals and retailers. You may not have been aware of what’s tricky about star wars day 2021. Is that not all the retailers are going out with their deals? At the same time, some are available before star wars day and leading up to it. Others are not until star wars day in the case of this page on it’s, not quite clear. What exactly is going to be happening, looks like product drops and perhaps some sales on some black series figures, but not quite clear on the disney store website. There is this, may the fourth be with you, 2021 t shirt, and there is this banner that is showing at midnight and at 7 a.m. Pacific time on may the 4th there will be drops and you can see some of the brands that should be hitting. I am curious about the mention of a legacy lightsaber hilt set that may be interesting on may. The 4th at 8 am pacific time. Hasbro pulse will do its live stream, which, according to the emails, will feature epic news reveals and pre orders at the time of this video gamestop already has its may. The fourth deals online, which includes 50 off a number of star wars, video games.

So if you do not already have them now would be a great time to get a deal. There’S also a 50 percent uh discount on the star wars, taunton sleeping bag, which is hilarious and pretty cool, but there’s also markdowns on some pre orders like the wedge antilles helmet, as well as a number of black series figures. You’Ll want to. If you’re going to be ordering online you’ll want to pay attention to the shipping charges just to make sure that you know you’re, ideally getting free shipping, if you can, this is a really great deal for just 99 cents. You can get a digital copy of star wars. The high republic into the dark by claudia gray from may 3rd through may 7th of 2021 at lego. It’S may. The fourth deals include this free tatooine homestead set. This is not available for purchase, but you do get it free if you buy 85 or more in lego, star wars, merchandise between may 1st and may 5th, while supplies last also, if you’re a vip member, you can get double the points on lego, star wars, purchases And in stores you can get the free imperial shuttle between may the 1st and may the 5th, with lego, star wars, purchases of 40 or more at hallmark. You can get a fourth off select star wars, product starting on may the 4th keepsake products. So you know the very nice ornaments are excluded from the offer. They also have some product drops that are happening like this very nice looking millennium falcon ornament, but with 25 off there’s still a lot of star wars, items that should be on sale come may.

The fourth at build a bear online. You can get 20 off by using the force 20 code up until may the 4th of 2021. You know just think about like a year ago. This time it was impossible to find any of the child merchandise and now it’s, like everywhere. We have a video review of the build, a bear grogu so check that out and there’s a link right up above to that video at geeky tiki, not quite clear what its star wars day drops will be, but if from instagram it looks like it will include This arcade cabinet mug, starting on may the 4th, through to a couple of days after you can get 25 off designed by humans on its star wars, apparel using the may 4th code. I kind of like this admiral ackbar shirt. Black series rebels is known for its podcast as well as its pins, so if you’re interested in its pins, they will have a new drop on may the fourth at 9am pacific time that includes these star wars pins as well as some other pins. If you’re interested these things go really fast, so you’ll want to log in at nine o’clock pacific time because they will go fast at the norse legion. You can get 15 off using that really complicated discount code, where they’ve got a number of cool, pint, glasses, t, shirts and patches a lot of cool things at the norse legion. There are many deals to be found if you’re interested in star wars related video games check out the full article on starwars.

com for a list among them. We already talked about one of the deals at gamestop, but there is a deal on the sims as well as this triple bundle in case you don’t already have these games already for minecraft fans there’s a sale on some skins, and there are some free items. Also here, like with star wars, the old republic between may 4th and may 11th, along with this costume pack in the sims free play now, while all of that was cool, you do not need to be buying stuff on star wars day to be a star. Wars. Fan there’s, nothing better than just watching the movies or the cartoons or whatever whatever’s your favorite form of star wars, just enjoying that on star wars day on may. The 4th the bad batch will debut very much looking forward to that. I think the first episode is 75 minutes long, very much looking forward to that debuting on disney plus so post in the comments. How will you be celebrating star wars, day 2021 and did any of these deals or exclusives catch your eye, and for that matter, are there any noteworthy ones that we have missed? As always? Thank you so much for watching. Please take a moment to like share and subscribe.

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