Max Pacioretty, Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche vs. Vegas Golden Knights | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/28/21 | NBC Sports

Taves thinks that gerrard’s going to handle it, he doesn’t handle it and then devin dude that gets beat short side on the back end by william carlson it’s, a one, nothing lead for the golden knights down low mccarr looking to center. It tipped just wider than that by gabe. Landiscog fleury may have got a piece of that on the colorado captain with a great chance now ryan graves a wrist shot and a save flurry threw some traffic on the rebound off the outside of the post from land. To skog matias yanmark towards the corner, with alex tuck and now yanmark moving it in front sakura, shot on and dubnik made. The save nice little pass from tuck to sakura. Here is mckinnon out top a little bit of space pulls up a little backhand block gerrard. His bed that deflected off the post off of fleurian off the post mckinnon into the middle, his shot, missed the net puck loose still in coughlin can’t want to hand it out. Tapes keeps it alive for colorado, moving it down a little soderbergh. A backhand and fleury makes a save, rebound score. Devon, caves, cashes in and he’s tied it for colorado and won, keep the play alive. If you’re colorado gets somebody going harder than that lake carl soderberg, you see devon teams, yeah a big part of their team. Going to the eastern conference final last year, jost out and in front of kendra and he’s robbed by fleury we’ve been able to keep it alive.

Taves couldn’t hold in a bouncing puck tuck, looking to break and tuck gains. The line has denmark coming centers it and a save tube neck. What a chance for matthias yanmark who jumped, in short, handed with alex tuck big part of their first two seasons, smith to the net backhand missed. It tried to go glove side on dubnik Applause and now belmar on the wall, able to protect it and dish it around his own net. That goes back to his days at taft. He throws an identity scores. How about that, for a long race shot from max pacquiao, looks like a surprise. Doom, nick and it’s a power play goal and a 2 1 lead for vegas this one off the stick of devontas stick’s gon na be on the ice and right there. I think that knicks is stiff and fools devin dudenit we’ll get a better look at. It here sure looked like it changed directions at the last second off the stick of devontae, and you can see he knows: that’s already stolen stevenson, leaned to the net and a save domenic now down low stone, trying to back it out of the scores mark stone From behind the net Music Applause escape to his stick stone strong on his stick chance right there for stevenson. He throws it to stone. He just banks, it off the backside of devin dumas creative play wayne gretzky used to do it all the time. That’S right.

A couple of milestones for him this year, 300th goal 600th point mckinnon with a steal, here’s graves looking shot score ryan graves from out top both colorado goals tonight from defenseman and ryan graves has made it a one goal: game see: nathan, mckinnon strong on the puck He’S going to be aware, it’s going to come back to graves and he’s, going to shoot it through a screen holding along the wall, here’s cadary with a wrist shot, blocked out of the zone by stone, stone and pacioretti. Here they come stone into the offensive end on a patriotic scores. What a setup mark stone and max pats are ready and it’s. 4, 2 vegas patience, awareness and smarts needs to patch rating whipping that in to the open net because of the brilliance of mark stone, cadre drifting to the board speeds, it jolts his shot and a save flurry caught the post and joe’s put it right back for The crease, where pacioretty kept it out a close call for vegas marc, andre, fleury’s, hugging, the post, the other end patented saying, thank you very much. So the avalanche have to get everybody out of the zone. They’Re going to try to change to here, marsha’s able to steal with an empty net chance and he scores that’ll steal it for vegas the 18th time this year the golden knights have put up five in a game. They lead it.

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