Max Pacioretty, Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/28/21 | NBC Sports

Looking for rask a nice stick check by tyler bozak on him, victor suiter shot denied by binnington. He spits out a rebound and saint louis will survive. All of that barbershop goes across krug a lead pass kairu in a loan. What a save ken talbot a dandy early and it comes all the way back out in the offensive zone. He’S able to make plays and falk was able to get that shot to the net and talbot able to fight it off a steal, it’s nico, stern parisi, with a shot great stop by binnington, getting to it marcus fellino one timer brodie nice score in front. Maybe you got a piece of that jonas brodin from downtown minnesota breaks the ice hanging on to it and then eventually they win a puck battle. Right here i mean it’s a broken play, felino gets it to brodin and the blues get it out the wild. They counter a chance fianna right out in front. Oh bennington got a piece of it nicola all over fianna carson soucy with a shot. He goes off. The glass offensive zone start for the erickson neckline greenway on that line block they score jewel. Eriksson picks up the loose change in minnesota has a two: nothing lead and a rebound that binnington can’t control. Why? Because marcus felino’s at the net and it’s an easy put away for eric seneck, but craig berube is not going to like that goal. Johnny you win a face off, lose a puck battle and you see binnington gets caught up there and ryan suter second chance supported by caprice off.

It goes all the way across supercarello to the slot for rest now, spurgeon just wide on the glove side of binnington, spurgeon, ryan, suter, wrapped up by mikola out of the scrum ryan hartman for the wild across bennington stands tall in that bid rebounding kicked that one Out johansen blocked, maybe mikala, maybe binnington at the post for three chances and then a penalty is called. I think it should have been a cross check, but nevertheless, the first power play seamless i’m with boosh and saint louis, is all about this. On the doorstep. Mike hoffman, who else they now have power, play goals in eight straight games, hoffman a huge part of that a short stay for fiala and the lead is cut in half and for hoffman he’s been hot on the power play johnny for this st louis blues team. That is his fourth power play goal now. In the last seven games, a power play that’s been heating up, dumba creates space sets up paulino his shot, scores, marcus, minnesota right back, Music watch dumba here on the wall, shake braden shen able to get to the middle of the ice, leave him in the dust And then the feet to felino and then there’s traffic at the net around the horn perron this way hoffman he scores mike hoffman. Another power play goal saint louis within one doesn’t give chance for cam talbot to get across not sure if there’s a little bit of contact from tarasenko on talbot.

But man this guy can shoot the puck on the power play left available for eric seneck braun got to stick to it. Nice move by susie side of the goal. Pork tie felino out in front silence from ed zoe. How about this a chance? Jordan, kairu right out in front kairu comes through, and the blues have tied it at three dumbass trying to reverse it to his partner. Thomas sees it jumps to it, gets it quickly out in front, and you can see the forwards have vacated, and even though kairu mishandles that puck it’s able to fool camp talbot as it goes through the legs and this way for zach sanford. He turned it over. Fiala hartman right in what a stop binnington is best it’s rolled all the way around a force by dumba off a stick off rodin mike hoffman kairu’s goal has tied it now, thomas right in he scores robert thomas, with 23 seconds, left the blues climb that mountain And now are at the top, remember the play he made earlier in the period where he’s able to jump dumba and brodin watch his bouncing puck brodin not able to settle it down thomas corrals it and it’s the fact that he’s on his toes and is putting Pressure on brodine on that flip, puck that’s.

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