NFL, 2021 Record Predictions for Every NFL Team 2021

Moves have come to an end. You know what that means. It’S time for me to give you my prediction, for your team’s record in 2021, make sure you do gronk spike that, like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more nfl predictions. Just like this also, let me know in the comment section below how many games will your team win in 2021, despite the additions in new england and miami, the buffalo bills are still my top dog simply put because they have the best quarterback by far that’s josh Allen and the most explosive offense, led by stefan diggs and cole beasley, their ability to re sign their own and maintain continuity on both sides of the football will keep them in afc contention. The bills are the afc east winner at 12 and 5.. The miami dolphins plan, this off season was to surround tua with talent and assess whether or not it truly is to a time will fuller in free agency and jalen waddle in the draft at a dimension of speed that really didn’t exist in miami before combine that With one of the deepest defenses in football and brian flores at coach, and this team certainly can compete for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, i don’t think tua is the guy and they just miss out on the playoffs at 9 and 8.. It didn’t take bill belichick very long to turn the patriots back into a legit roster featuring one of the best offensive lines and secondaries in football.

Don’T sleep on this defense, with the additions of dante, hightower, kyle van noy, matt judon and more to the front seven. It will be elite, the offense will cause plenty of match up issues with their heavy use of two tight ends and the patriots will make it as a wild card at 11 and 6. for the first time in a very long time, the new york jets put Together a actual cohesive off season, they filled every need outside of cornerback with names like zack, wilson, elijah vera, tucker, carl lawson and corey davis. The future seems pretty bright in new york, but that doesn’t mean the present. Is the jets go 4 and 13 in a very tough afc east? I believe the ravens days as true super bowl contenders are probably on pause, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be really good. Baltimore still has an elite coaching staff, a human magician at quarterback. In lamar jackson and hey at least, they got some pieces to throw the ball to the ravens will finish. Second in the afc north at 11 and 6.. The bengals should be very fun to watch this season, joe burrow, throwing to that trio of receivers, boyd, higgins and now chase points will be coming to cincinnati but i’m not sold about this defense at all, and i think they might have the worst head coach in All of football cincinnati will have to revamp both before they can call me a believer 5 and 12.

. The browns have quietly built one of the most complete rosters in all of football. This offseason transforming their secondary and replenishing their front. Seven. This team can legitimately win the super bowl this year and it will hinge on the ability of baker mayfield. Can he make enough plays to put them over the top in 2021? I say he does the browns win 13 games in 2021 for a team in win. Now mode the steelers lost significant pieces mike hilton and stephen nelson at corner, bud dupree at the edge villanueva at left, tackle pouncy at center. Instead of replacing them, they drafted a running back and a tight end in the draft. Okay, then, the final season with big ben will not end in triumph. The steelers fall to seven and ten without deshawn watson. The question is: will this team even win a game? The lack of elite talent is seriously a concern. I say the texans win a game. Just one one in 16., the colts feel like the most average roster in football. They are good everywhere, have zero clear holes, but also have limited strengths to me that gives them an edge in a bad division, but it caps their ceiling. The colts win the south at nine and eight congratulations jacksonville. You finally have a franchise, quarterback and i’m happy for you. You also have tim tebow. I also think you have an outside shot at this division. I love the additions to the secondary griffin in free agency.

Drafting campbell and cisco marvin jones at wide receiver etn at running back upgrades the skill positions. Jacksonville did not get any headlines, but this roster is much better heading into 2021. I just need to see it to believe it. I have jacksonville at 6 and 11 with some upside 2021 is the year that we will truly find out how great of a coach mike vrabel is both dnp’s and arthur smith are in atlanta ryan tannehill, on the other hand, will have to do it without his Oc his wide receiver, 2 and his tight end. The titans defense could be better this season, but i’m, not sure they have enough firepower or the coaching edge any longer that they once did. The titans go 8 and 9 and just miss on the playoffs. The denver broncos roster is absolutely loaded. There is one reason and one reason only they will not make the playoffs quarterback and no teddy bridgewater is not changing anything for me. This defense, coached by vic fangio, will be elite and keep them in games, but it will be all for nothing if they don’t get anything from the signal. Caller broncos go 6 and 11.. The chiefs use the super bowl as a learning experience. The lesson protect patrick mahomes and that’s exactly what they’ve tried to do this off season signing joe tooney, austin, blyth, kyle long trading for orlando brown and drafting creed humphrey, they made sure if they lose again in a big game.

It won’t be because they can’t protect 15.. The chiefs are still the team to beat in the afc, 14 and 3.. The chargers managed to solve their two biggest issues in one off season. The coaching by hiring brandon staley, i believe, gives them a schematic, edge defensively and the offensive line by investing in four new starters, including the best center in football corey linsley and a first round left tackle rashaan slater. This team is clearly a breakout candidate. The chargers make the playoffs at 10 and 7.. I don’t know what the raiders just did this offseason, but i know it wasn’t good. Just about all of their past. Investments have fallen flat, giving us the team we see today it’s crazy to say, but the raiders are going backwards. I have them falling to 5 and 12 in 2021 before we move to the nfc, make sure you sign up to underdog fantasy today. Best ball is my favorite way to play fantasy football. No waivers, no trades, no problem follow the link in the description and use the code blv to shoot your shot at best ball mania and the grand prize of 1 million dollars. I’Ll see you there now to the nfc kicking it off with the east. The boys have their boy back. Dak prescott will return to the lineup in 2021, and that means the cowboys have by far the best quarterback in this division and an offense with the potential to put up 30 points in any given week.

The question is: will dallas have a defense, i’ll say yeah? I think at least it won’t be as abysmal as last season, they’ve added a minimum of 15 new defensive players and a new coordinator in dan quinn who will bring the fundamentals and energy back to the big d cowboys return to the playoffs at 9 and 8. As the nfc east champions, the g men have put their season squarely in the hands of one danny dimes. The weaponry is there, the coaching is there and the defense is there. It all comes down to protection and the performance of daniel jones. If he can be a breakout player, i wouldn’t be surprised at all. If the giants win this division, but they are a lot more of a projection than substance. The giants improve, but just miss the playoffs at eight and nine eagles fans need to be realistic. This season, this season is all about finding whether or not jalen hurts is that guy see the devante smith pick. The philadelphia front office has set themselves up with plenty of ammunition to rebuild this roster. Just don’t expect anything special right now this year, that’s, not to say that you still don’t have plenty of talent, because you do the eagles will be an interesting 4 in 13 in 2021. Washington is still without a name, but what they do have is talent. Lots of it a top defense in the nfl that added a number one corner in william jackson, a linebacker in the first round, the offense added, multiple picks in the mid rounds and curtis samuel as the wide receiver too.

I’M. Not so sure that ryan fitzpatrick is enough to have them back in the playoffs in 2021, after it basically fell in their laps last season. As of now, i have washington second in this division at nine and eight dog bears finally found their franchise quarterback. Maybe to be determined, i thought the bears were pretty fortunate to make the playoffs last season. I don’t think they can pull that off again. In 2021 the team is lacking explosiveness and now a secondary. The bears go 6 and 11 in 2021. The lions are back in familiar territory, no, not the playoffs rebuild mode completely new coaching staff, quarterback and identity. I like the back to the basics approach in detroit by rebuilding the lines, but you do need playmakers in the modern nfl to win games. Detroit will be the worst team in the nfc in 2021 and have one of the top picks in the draft. Where do i even start with the packers their mvp quarterback doesn’t want to play? I can honestly say i did not see that coming and i’m going to assume that rogers does play at least right now. Green bay has plenty of talent, but did they do enough to put themselves at the top of the nfc green bay wins the north as long as rogers shows up at 13 and 4. last offseason, i told you the vikings would take a step back before they Could take a step forward.

Minnesota should be back this year, major improvement to the offensive line in the draft massive improvement on the defensive line, literally with tomlinson pierce and hunter and don’t sleep on the additions of patrick peterson in the secondary. The vikings will be back in the playoffs as a double digit win team at 11 and 6., all offense and no defense that’s. What i see with the atlanta falcons in 2021, i love the titans combo at coach with arthur smith and dean pease. The wide receiver duo of ridley and julio if he sticks around kyle pitts, was an awesome addition, but will they protect matt ryan and can they stop literally anybody? I see a much better season as a possibility, but right now i have atlanta at six and eleven carolina quietly is one of the most improved teams in football with dangerous playmakers, dj moore robbie anderson and, of course, cmc. They added hassan reddick, jc horn, morgan fox daquan jones, denzel, perryman, aj, bouier, and more to this defense. They really feel like a team that is ready to take the next step, but is sam darnold, the guy to take them there? I think he’ll have his best season as a pro, but it won’t quite be enough to get the panthers to the playoffs. They fall short at 7 and 10.. The saints have hit a crossroads. Sean payton must navigate his first season after drew brees and he’ll. Be calling on jameis winston the saints lost much of their depth, but still have enough studs to stay competitive.

The saints go. 7. 10. The bucks are, in my opinion, one of the best teams entering a season in recent nfl history. They managed to bring literally everyone back and the scary part. Is they haven’t even hit their stride, yet a full offseason to work on things build the continuity, and this tampa team may run the table. They are that good. I have the bucks as the nfc’s number one seed at 15 and 2.. The cardinals have wowed us by signing big names like jj watt and aj green, but will the big names equate to winds? Unfortunately, for zona they are the weakest team in an extremely difficult division. Their improvement on the offensive line and in the front seven could make them a wild card team. But right now i’ll, say they’ll just miss, but they will be above 500 at nine and eight. I cannot wait to see matthew stafford in sean mcvay’s offense. The rams could be the most exciting team in football. In 2021, their offense will be balanced and explosive and while their defense may move off the number one spot, it will still feature aaron, donald and jalen ramsey. The rams win the nfc west at 12 and 5. trey lance jimmy g, doesn’t really matter to me. The 49ers are top to bottom stacked, offense defense, every fence. As long as they stay healthy, they will be back in the playoffs in the thick of things in the nfc 12 and 5, as the top wild card not having the hawks in the playoffs would just be downright disrespectful.

But i have my concerns about the team. When they get there are their schemes creative enough. Did they do enough to protect russell wilson? Did they improve their past defense enough i’m, not really sold, but with russell wilson and ballers like dk, metcalf, adams and wagner, the hawks will do enough to get into the playoffs at 11 and 6.. Those are my early nfl record predictions for every team in the nfl.

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