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I just got in from a little field work, so you know i’m, just soaking in right now, just trying to cool up a little bit. What’S uh what’s been the schedule like since you got drafted uh last last weekend, uh man that’s me just you know. Just me with everybody getting to know everybody, then of course myself just getting the playbook trying to know everything, but also you know coming in next week in shape that’s the main thing for me and then boogie um. It was interesting because we found out that greg rousseau uh your new teammate. His parents lived here in buffalo prior to him being born, so it was kind of a full circle thing for his family. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but your head coach at wake is from western new york. Also he’s born up here in youngstown uh. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to talk to him since you got drafted, but uh i’m curious. If, if he’s ever, if you have talked to him, if he said anything to you about buffalo and western new york, uh yeah, i had a couple conversations with him. The main thing he said for me just just be prepared for the weather, you know, being down north carolina and up in new york and shooting everything. So he said, that’s the main thing to be prepared for yeah boogie. One of the reasons you went so highly in the draft was because of your production there’s, a lot of guys who opted out even your teammate greg rousseau.

First round draft pick of the team did not play this last year. You did and you come out of wake forest with the fourth all time number of sacks. You had 20 and a half sacks in your time there you had a bunch of tackles for loss, you played a lot of football at wake forest, and it puts you at the top of the draft. Is that what kind of you heard from teams during the process that they knew exactly what they were getting from? You yeah yeah? Definitely they said my gang support for itself. You know just being there hey long time and also just developing year in and year out, getting better and better. You know. Teams fell in love with that. You know some guys. They usually go through the process. They have a fall off year, but for me they say you know they could tell. I was getting better each and every year and then you know i saw you uh. You went with 96 for your number, so i know you were nine. You know at school. So are you combining numbers there there’s, always a story behind a number choice, so i’m just curious. What was yours uh for this one? You know i didn’t, you know i i wanted. You know i wanted 99 just because i couldn’t get nine. So you know two nines would be pretty fine, but you know the available number was 96, so you know for me the number that really matter you just go out there and play ball.

What are you looking forward to when you get in here next week? What’S? The first thing you’re going to do and what are you expecting uh for me, it’s just getting out there and playing football again uh. You know my season was cut short due to kovic, so you know for me: it’s just going back out there and doing what i love that’s, the main thing: i’m ready for and then uh boogie. We were having fun with greg rousseau, so we’re gon na. Do the same thing here with you, because our crack staff has dug up some uh some high school footage. Greg rousseau is not the only former wide receiver uh on this roster that now plays defensive end. You got a little split out wide a little bit in high school uh. You know how how are the? How are the route running skills out there? I mean you played defensive end too, once you got to your junior year. I know you played you know on the defensive side of the ball too, obviously, but there’s some receiver skills out there that i saw on some of this tape. Yeah i mean for me, you know i was always a skilled player. Just when i got i was always bigger than everybody else. You know they it’s, like yeah let’s go play receiver. You know we need you out there to block and catch some balls. I always really jump too. So no, you know the route.

The route running this chris that’s – all i can say, is chris crisp. Okay, what about what about your hands can if you have ball skills, boogie that’s, all i need to know. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I definitely got balls yeah. I i was laughing because we got this. You know we got these highlights and when i was watching them and they do treat you like a red zone target man, they throw that thing up for grabs. You went up and got it a couple of times. It’S, pretty impressive, did you when you got recruited out of high school? What did you hear from college coaches about you know you’re a defensive end from the get go i know. But what do they say about you coming out, uh? You know my freshman and sophomore year. A lot of people had me just playing offense. You know like a big, wide receiver playing tight end, but you know they’re just starting going to my junior senior year. You know i just mainly focus on defense, but my senior year he may put me back in wide receiver just because somebody had left you know, and coaches was like yeah this. You know you can play both sides of the ball. Just you give me colleges of your decision, so you know after basketball season i gained probably about 30 pounds and that’s why you know strictly stuck with defense. I know that um i heard coach clawson comment on.

You know your decision to return for your senior year because i think everybody would agree. You could probably come out after your junior year and you certainly would have been a draft choice um. But he commented on what a tight knit group you guys had there at wake. Can you just talk about? You know how those relationships kind of weighed into your decision to finish things out. You know with the deacons yeah i’ll definitely say you know, just in the defensive line room the guy’s great, you know just even the freshman guys who came in i’ve been relationship with old guys and it’s like there was nothing nothing more than being in the room With the people you know you grind grind day in and day out, so you know that took a big part of my decision, also just other guys outside the defensive line group. You know our locker room is very small ain’t, the biggest locker room. So you know everybody’s pretty much on top of each other. You know you get to know people a lot more. You know i just wasn’t ready to let the relationship go yet so that’s that took a big part of my decision as well. Spend your credit before you even step onto the field here in buffalo, spend your career. What do you want to be here in buffalo? Where do you want to go? What do you want to happen as a buffalo bill in your career, for me? Definitely win a suit boy, that’s, a childhood dream of mine.

You know that’s, nothing. That would be. The best thing i could do. Is one super bowl. You know so you know just be the best player. I can be. You know i’m, not really all into the stats and everything i just want to go out there and be the best. I can be day in and day out uh. I don’t want to put this on you, but i believe there is, you know, uh, a duty that you filled on special teams. You were on kickoff team. Is that right that way? Yeah yeah i mean these guys are always looking for help on special teams, and you know the young guys usually get tapped in um that’s, pretty exciting, seeing a guy your size, running 40 yards downfield to go, make a play. How does that sit with you? Uh yeah, for me you know the coaches, that you know we have some guys get injured. Some guys, didn’t play the coaches like you want. You want to be on kickoff. I was like yeah that’s, another chance go out there hit somebody. So why not? You know? That’S, just that is something i really like doing yeah have you ever blocked any kicks uh yeah, i blocked the about the field goal. My junior year, nice there you go that’s a nice, nice that’s nice to add to the repertoire. No, no question about it. What what uh your schedule for the rest of you gon na stay in virginia you’re, gon na, come to minicamp and then go right back home and start training down there or what kind of feedback have you gotten about spending more time up here in western new York and maybe working out at the facility what what are your thoughts about the rest of your off season uh, you know the thing is at the mini camp uh that it wasn’t really much of a consensus.

You know what we can do. What we can’t do is i just want to go on day by day, but if i had a chance, you know come home after mini camp uh, i’m end up going back to miami to do some work with a password specialist and try to report back again And then boogie, when you get up here to rookie mini minicamp you’ve got two draft classmates, who you’re probably going to see a lot of out on the edge uh in tommy doyle and spencer brown. I know you’re big they’re, bigger you’re, going to get a good you’re going to get some good practice against some long offensive tackles – which i think you know full well you’re gon na see a good deal of in this league down in and down out. So how much are how much do you think that might help you right from the jump, you’re gon na be getting work against some pretty long, dudes uh? You know that death would be a big help to my advantage as well. You know just being a smaller defensive man, you know getting that getting those reps then, and they are with bigger guys, will definitely be an advantage to myself in the season. Well, boogie uh, when you, when you do come up, have you heard about wings, chicken wings? Yeah yeah, i heard about it all right, have you heard any names or anything like that, or are you gon na make sure you run those down? But when you up here or not uh, i just heard that they got the best wings.

I ain’t heard no places yet so you know once i get there, you know i’m trying to get those places down, so i can go out there and try them out. Well, we know a place when you get up here so we’re looking forward to it. Yeah don’t overdo it though don’t put on another 30 pounds after, like you did after you know your basketball season, man, Laughter, boogie, listen thanks very much for the time we don’t want to take any more of yours, but uh. We appreciate it and uh. We look forward to seeing you up here on the field in the not too distant future thanks for the time.

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