NFL, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, 2021, AFC East, American Football Conference – BREAKING NEWS: Dolphins Sign Jason McCourty (5/6/2021)

It is your boy dylan, and i got some pretty big breaking news for you right now: uh it’s, actually pretty huge, so let’s just go ahead and get to it. Uh mike ruffalo reports. The dolphins are signing veteran cornerback, jason mccourty source, says the 12 year veteran heads for a reunion with brian flores, and then ian rapp report quote tweeted that it’s a one year deal for the leader in the secondary, so um there’s a couple things to say about This to me, when i think about this, i think okay, jason mccourty, uh it’s, another you know familiarity with uh brian flores and with you know the patriots, etc, etc. So there’s, obviously that part of the the equation also, he was a good corner in that defense. In new england, is he gon na be that same guy, especially at this age? Uh? I, my my guess is probably not right, so you know i don’t think personally. He would be that impactful of a player hopefully i’m wrong, and hopefully he does boost that secondary, especially now that you know like bobby mccain’s gone whatever and it’s getting super young and inexperienced back there. The most concerning part about this potentially for me is uh, because you know, and especially with signing that tight end and uh, now jason mccourty. I it will be interesting to see what the actual numbers are on this contract, because they they saved about five to six million by cutting bobby mccain, and that did free up enough space that they could sign the draft class.

But now with these two new contracts that they added – and i would i would guess – jason mccord is going to get at least a few million, so they might have eaten up pretty much everything they saved by cutting bobby mccain and so um. If that’s true, then they will likely then need to, i mean they still needed to anyway frankly, but they will then still likely need to free up more cap space, and in my previous video i mentioned that you know, byron jones could be on his way out. Uh in the near future, so um, if they do that, i think that’s a. I think that would, as you know, i think that would be a downgrade. If i’m being honest, i think that would be a downgrade um. I don’t know we’ll, see we’ll, see we’ll see if they make any additional moves, but if this is just pretense for them getting rid of um, you know byron jones. I mean yes, that’s cap savings and that’s uh. You know um cap savings and uh whatever i forgot. I was gon na say something else, but right so you know that that frees up cap and and and if they were to do that. But i think that he’s, probably the better player between him and mccordy um i mean, and for sure you know you got a lockdown corner, it’s. True, he doesn’t really ever come down with the ball, but at least he’s.

You know good at stopping the receiver from you know, making receptions and getting past, breakups and stuff like that right. So um, you know maybe it’s just to replace mccain, but they are. They also sign that tight end and now their their money situation is back to a situation where they definitely need to free up cap space and he’s to me he’s the one name that really because again, i don’t think that it would be x. I think x is just too valuable um and he makes like three million dollars more than x and that’s just absurd he’s half the cornerback. That x is right, he’s got the lockdown part, but he does not have the ball skills so to me, uh and you know, there’s no way he makes the full five year contract that he has so um. I don’t know man, i don’t know uh. We have to wait and see if anything more comes from it, there’s definitely going to be more moves. There’S definitely going to be more moves, as the dolphins are not done. You know shuffling things around so it’s. Just we have to wait and see what exactly it is that gets shuffled around and uh. You know if there are any other players that end up getting, you know cut, or what have you um yeah. So you know until until i see anything about how much i uh you know, i will do an update on how much uh you know it’s for um feels like it so armando selgero, just real quick to add into this.

He tweeted this signing mccourty 34 years old when season begins to a one year, deal feels like insurance against a howard, azabian howard contract issue. Now look the reason why i make that face is because oh, it is also true that xavien howard wants a new contract. I’M sure he doesn’t like being paid three million dollars less, but they can’t afford that the dolphins cannot afford that. So if xavier howard’s like bro, either give me a new contract, or you know trade me away or something oh and if they’re bringing in mccourty to replace howard, that will be a disaster, an absolute disaster. Now it is also possible, though, that they get rid of byron jones, free up that space and then sein howard and then give howard to a new contract. That would be the smarter way of handling that the stupidest way to handle. That would be to let howard walk or even if you trade him and get two future first round, picks i’m telling you. If the season is this year, they won’t even be using those picks, it’ll be the next guys. So, even if you know, even if it’s, that that’s the case, because that’s going to that, would be that he’s pretty much your entire defense, i know people are going to be like that’s, that’s, crazy, but he’s. The like one reason why that dolphins defense was a top 10 along with all the other factors that go into that equation.

He came down with 10 interceptions last year. He did right. So if you get and he’s literally like the only star on your team bro, if they were to let xavier and howard walk or even if they were to trade him and get two future first round picks, even if they were to get three future first round Picks that’s cool not really, though, because just like with tonsil and fitzpatrick i’d, rather have the for sure thing here and now: commodity um, and especially if mccordy is the insurance policy there. Oh, that would be such a disaster um, but, like i said, unfortunately, one of the two of them is likely to not be here now, though, with them bringing in jason mccourty. There is a, and there is also some possibility that they just end up cutting mccordy, but i doubt that because of the cap situation that they’re in they have to clear some cap, so they’re probably trying to talk well howard, wants a new contract. So they’re in like full on contract extension conversations and whether the dolphins are going to want to do that, but with with with uh byron jones, they are likely talking to him and asking him if he will restructure his contract if he doesn’t want to do that, They might end up cutting byron jones and taking some of that money then to you know so there’s a couple ways this could go. That would be the smarter way for sure, because then you do, even though i don’t like the pick of noah monogony and i’m, not convinced he’s, really gon na, be all that great.

He is um projected to be a carbon copy of byron jones so and he is significantly cheaper right now, so if he can, if you can get that locked down corner out of him, i we just don’t know if he’s going to take that step or not. He did not have that uh last year. He was that in college, but he was not that as a rookie. So if he can, you know, and then, if javon holland and by uh brandon jones can hold down those safety spots. Well, you know, then maybe they could get rid of byron jones and then resign x, um because letting x go would be just a massive disaster. Alright, alright, so until further updates that’s what i got that’s the breaking news. I hope you guys appreciate my perspective. If you do make sure you hit the subscribe button, make sure you hit the like button.

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