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Workouts players not showing up the union trying to get as many players as possible to not show up the week, began with a conference call between the union, leadership, rookies and their agents. Because the union is trying to get the rookies not to show up, which is kind of a ludicrous proposition anybody drafted below round three, if you don’t, show up for the offseason program voluntarily, you’re gon na have a hard time making the team the later you’re drafted The harder it’s going to be to make the the 53 man roster and if you’re undrafted, do you imagine an undrafted player just days after signing the contract as an undrafted rookie, not good enough to be drafted in any of the seven rounds. You know what i’m? Not going to come to the off season, workout don’t bother unpack your bag and, speaking of packing your bags, you can unpack your bag in a hotel at the team facility, not team facility, but you know at or around the team facility they put you in lodging. They feed you, you have a transition period until you find a place to live in the city where you are going to be residing so there’s plenty of reasons to do it if you’re a rookie – and this just illustrates the serious conflicts of interest among the various Members of this union some it’s in their interest to not show up for the offseason program, others it’s in their interest to be there but that’s, not stopping the union from trying to get as many players as possible to not show up – and i really do continue To believe it’s a mistake miles, especially for rookies in it i’m told that some agents really push back aggressively on monday, because they’re trying to represent their clients – and you represent your client – you tell your client, you get your butt in there.

Don’T listen to your union. Listen to me, it’s in your best interest, to get in there uh absolutely and look. I think if you’re talking about rookie mini camps, just some teams may do it differently than others, but the ones that i’ve been around the ones that i’ve seen usually they’re. Very very scaled back everything in terms of what is going on on the field it’s more like. I would equate it to basically a freshman orientation when you’re going to college, basically you’re just trying to get into the building you’re trying to meet your coaches. You’Re meeting your new teammates you’re, seeing your locker for the first time, you’re, seeing your helmet for the first time. You know, maybe you get your jersey fitted for the first time and everything like that. You know you’re trying to figure out where the cafeteria is where your meeting room is you’re not going out there going through a full practice and everything. So i i think it is kind of like you said it’s a little ludicrous to say. Oh no rookies don’t go to the rookie minicamp. You don’t need to do that. Well, i mean you kind of do because otherwise, if you’re just going to say no i’m, not going to any part of this offseason program and you’re a rookie, then you’re not going to know your head from your feet when you actually end up in the team Facility for the first time for training camp and to me that doesn’t really make any sense, so i think it makes a lot of sense for agents to say, especially if their guys are drafted round three or later.

No, no, no! No! You actually really need to be in there and in the building, and not just for rookie mini camp for the entire offseason program, because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to make the team is, if you establish trust with this coaching staff. The only way for you to really do that is to be there, so i just it makes all the sense in the world for rookies to be at rookie mini camp and then the rest of the off season. Program. Yeah – and you know, apart from getting yourself situated getting yourself oriented getting yourself comfortable for training camp you’re, showing the coach, you give a crap and that’s one of the ingredients in getting the coach to decide that you are somebody who will be on the team when Labor day weekend rolls around and that’s one of the fundamental problems with this union. The interests of the rank and file are too divergent, whether it’s the position that you play, whether it’s the whole concept of the salary cap everyone’s eating out of the same pie. Among the various nfl franchises there’s 90 jobs that shrink to 53., you don’t usually have that kind of competition among your workforce, where it’s a zero sum game and for every guy who gets a job there’s going to be another one. Roughly the odds are almost one to one that you’re going to be cut 53 stay 37, go it’s a little over half that make it, but and and then you’re, always at risk of being cut.

If you do make it for one of your union brothers who would come in and take your job, so it really is a weird situation. Altogether. Jay feely had a tweet today that i think bear is mentioning. He says i waited two years after college to get invited to sign with an nfl team. There is no way i wouldn’t have gone to offseason workouts don’t. Ask these young players to risk their dreams for a bargaining chip for veterans who prefer to work out on their own, and you know that’s the reality. The veterans want to work out on their own and they don’t want the young players to be there. Impressing the coaches, making the coaches comfortable and making the coaches ultimately say. You know what let’s keep the guy who’s making 800 000 this year and cut the guy who’s, making 7 million. Of course, look everybody’s trying to look out for their best interest, and if you are a veteran, then sure i see exactly why you would say no. Nobody should be at these off season workouts, because that is what your best interest is, and frankly i mean it’s still voluntary right. So the reason that you don’t need to go is because it’s voluntary and if you’re good enough, then in theory you should still be able to get in your work in the off season program or during the off season program. When it’s going on, if you’re off site – and you can say – look i’m still going to be my same guy i’m still going to be the same player, i might even be better than i was last year and i’ll prove it to you in training camp.

Now. Obviously, the problem with that is, you might get supplanted by somebody who’s there and who’s getting the instruction every single day and so from a veteran’s standpoint. Yes, i do understand why it is that they would want none of this to be happening at this point. In time um in the off season, but if you’re a young player i mean you got to look at that and you just got to say man like jay feely just said i don’t want to put my dreams on hold or maybe take a step back from What i would be able to do just because it benefits you, and that really is the problem with what you’re saying here in this zero sum game, because it really just is that i mean there is kind of no way for this to not be as it Currently is right because of the way rosters are constructed because of the way the salary cap is so look it if you’re a young player, it makes all the sense in the world for you to go to work you just whether it’s voluntary or not. You just need to be there so that you establish that trust when you’re older. If you’re good enough, then yeah, you can stay away all you want, but i don’t know that it’s really fair for these younger players for the older players to say no, everybody needs to do exactly what we say that they have to do when it’s, probably not In their best interest – and everybody kind of knows that yeah you’re absolutely right about that, the union nevertheless still pushing the issue.

There was a conference call today that was available to all players, i’d love to know how many players actually were on it, because a very small percentage of them understand the issues or even care four o’clock eastern on a friday afternoon. I suspect your participation rate is going to be extremely low, but tom brady, the buccaneers quarterback, was on the call, and he argued that the players should push for modifications to the offseason program, and that seems to be what this is all about. Trying to get the the league to agree to something otherwise they’re going to continue to do this every year and they’re going to encourage guys to stay away every year and it’s going to be this annoyance every year, that’s still not the best leverage. You know the best leverage for the union came twice last year. They negotiated a new cba in march finalized it in march, negotiated for months before that league wants 17 games. If you, as the union, want stuff that doesn’t cost the owners any money that’s. When you ask for it, because you’re likely to get it because the owners say what that cost, is it doesn’t cost you anything? Well, hell yeah let’s do it, so they could have asked for it then then miles last july when they essentially reopened the cba and renegotiated it to allow pro football to proceed last year during the pandemic. That was another occasion to do it and there’s a third time.

They could have done it when they negotiated the salary cap this year, hey by the way, by the way, let’s modify the off season program for this year and then maybe next year. You have an occasion to make it more permanent. I think that their strategy here is to create chaos, to be an irritant, to be an annoyance to the point where the league finally says: okay: how about this? How about this? If we cut it in half, will you agree to show up if we do these other changes? Will you agree to show up and stop doing this every single year? I just think that i i, i think, it’s a mistake: it’s not in the best interest of most players, it’s, definitely not in the interest of juwan james more on him. In a second and i i look, i i like the fact that tom brady is on board with what the nfl pa is recommending, but he’s the guy last year miles when the union said don’t get together and work out during the pandemic away from the facility Until training camp opens, they kept dragging guys to the practice field to work out so all of a sudden he’s on board with what the union wants him to do. Yeah now he’s talking about you, know the mlb pitchers don’t throw 95 mile an hour fast balls in the off season. Well i mean dude you’re, the one that was getting together with all your guys and you were throwing to establish chemistry in the offseason last year.

So i mean you know, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself right. Yes, exactly, i don’t know we’re one week closer to death. That’S, your yes, but you’re, saying like chaos is a lot okay. You said you know they’re trying to create chaos. I mean somebody once said that chaos is a ladder. Man and i just feel like, in this case the ladder’s not going up they’re, taking the ladder right on down because it’s not creating the type of environment that they need it to create. In order to make some sort of leverage, they have no leverage right. Like you just said, i mean if they really wanted to do this and get the off season program modified, canceled whatever, then you do that when you’re trying to negotiate for 17 games, that really is a chip, because not only is it not going to cost the Owners any money to get rid of it’s, going to cost them less money. They’Re not going to have to in theory, spend money on hotels and per diem, and you know food and giving food to all these players, and things like that. So i just feel like there wasn’t time for them to do this. It just isn’t now, because if i’m, an owner i’m saying wait a minute, we literally just negotiated this last year. This is a new cba, i’m, not i’m, not taking i’m, not trying to take something else away from my coaches, who were already upset when we pared this thing down.

You know the last time we negotiated cba in 2011 and the coaches are the ones that don’t like this. So if it’s, not gon na cost the owners, any money, yeah that’s one thing, but at this point, when you just negotiated this whole thing, it makes no sense from that standpoint for them to take it down even further and proving that the nfl really wants this. Even though the owners deep down don’t care the memo that was sent on wednesday after the juwan james injury, the memo to all teams, reminding them of something they’ve known since 1977, that a play if a player gets injured away from the facility, the player doesn’t get Paid or more accurately, the team can choose not to pay the player. The nfl pa responded to that yesterday by calling it gutless and a scare tactic aimed at getting players to show up well, it may have been, and i think it was, but the players need to have someone telling them. Oh here are the risks.

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