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Vomit tampa bay and tom brady are gon na host the home opener, who are they gon na play peter king, says it’s gon na be he believes, it’s gon na be buffalo or dallas, and so this is arguably the biggest game of the year in terms of Regular season ratings outside of the cowboys thanksgiving game, the cowboys thanksgiving game is always the highest rated game of the year. Every single year, for i don’t, know a billion years, and so he said you want an opponent that is going to generate buzz and you look at some of the bucks other home opponents, the giants, no the bears maybe but not yet like. I wonder if they would generate buzz once justin fields gets going, but the thought is maybe andy. Dalton starts the season and that generates buzz for nobody. The saints same concept there, no buzz there, but the bills or dallas both of those teams would be buzz worthy. The bills because well hell they’re, one of the best teams in the nfl and and you have another marquee quarterback and i don’t think that’s a hard sell whatsoever because you could say two of the best four teams in the nfl going at it to kick off The season let’s go in dallas for as much as i don’t believe, and i don’t think. Most people would believe that dallas is in the top four there’s no question. They are still the biggest name and the biggest draw in the nfl.

The top four for super bowl contenders, i think so um. Why not hey 877, 881 1053? How many cowboys fans out there believe the cowboys could make it to the super bowl this year? I would also like to know the answer to that, because, if it’s good in terms of like you’re in an episode of law and order – and they ask that question that’s, preposterous and the police officer is like i mean i guess anything could happen like. If you mean it like that, then yes will mac jones, be your quarterback, i don’t even know if mac jones or matt jones is going to be alive on sunday, yeah like if it’s that version of could then anything could happen if it’s on the reasonable scale. I don’t think so: okay that’s, i i just i’m really curious about the the cowboys fans part. I think that they could be that team. They could be a very competitive team that can win the division and move on. I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen with the eagles. I have a clue what’s going to happen with the with the giants in washington. How long can fitzpatrick be the guy, so i think the cowboys like they are definitely the biggest draw uh for for that, so i think it’s a definite possibility, look at it for the 204 we’re going to the super bowl mark my words for the 903. You are a real fan if you don’t think they can make it to the super bowl from 817.

Every year is the year and then from another 817. let’s be real super bowl every year. Duh, but like some of those are sarcastic comments. I was wondering if these are all the jones family texting in right now, yeah, if you were the nfl, then what let’s say it’s down to those two which match up are you making? Personally, i think i might pick the bills because i don’t want to burn off the cowboys in a game that’s likely to already get yes big ratings. I think i would pick the bills then yeah, i i would, if that’s the one that’s going to get me the biggest draw i’m going to pick the bills, because again you can put the cowboys anywhere and they’ll pop a big number, or can you mike last Year, oh jerry jones was not offended when the cowboys got moved to a different time slot. Yes, he was, he said he wasn’t and then jalen smith was like hey. The boss is happy we’re good, so like. Why do i have to compete? The the uh like last year, jerry jones, was like look. Actually. This helps the nfl. This is better because you can put us anywhere and we’re still gon na pop huge ratings. I i don’t know was the rating that weekend for that dallas cowboys, early game, bigger than it would have been for that night for sure uh. It was for sure bigger for that time.

Slot than it would have been otherwise i’d have to go back and look at the sunday night football number to get you a better answer: uh, okay, mike then, if you made the call, would you make it bucks cowboys to open, or would you go bucks bills To open knowing you could deploy the cowboys elsewhere, i mean i would do bucks cowboys if i’m running the network, because that’ll be that’ll, be a monster. I think that’ll be a bigger game than the bills to kick off uh this season. Yeah look my opinion. The bills are way better than the cowboys in 2021.. Josh allen’s, a better quarterback than dak prescott doesn’t mean that prescott’s, not a good quarterback. I just think i think josh allen has surpassed dak prescott going into last year. At this time, there’s no way i’d say: josh.

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