NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, 2021 Rumors: Jourdan Lewis To FS? Reggie Robinson Future? Sign A Pass Rusher? Week 1 Schedule?

I am tom downey. We are chatting rumors today, beginning with a potential position change, maybe in the cards for jordan lewis, could he make the move to safety i’m gon na give this one two stars. I am actually very open to trying this out something we mentioned at the end of last season, which did not end up happening, but the cowboys have once again chosen to break my heart and neglect the safety position. Now lewis is a possible position. Change type of guy he’s got the skill set to play some safety he’s a good tackler he’s better when he’s facing the football more so than turning his back around there, but he’s never really gotten the opportunity to do so, but the cowboys did pay him a Pretty good amount of money to stick around for at least this upcoming year, and in fact, when you actually look at jordan, lewis’s stat line, it looks like someone who’s better in run, support seven tackles for loss. He picked and two sacks just the two pass break. Uh or breakups excuse me, but from the production standpoint, if i just gave you if you’d never heard of jordan lewis – and i said hey these – are these are his stats? What position does he play? You probably guess safety or maybe nickel corner, which again checks out there coverage wise he’s been up and down. There have been plenty of plays by jordan lewis. It seemed like in recent years when a big play came from the secondary.

It was either jordan, lewis or donovan wilson, and i do have to make things very clear here – want donovan wilson to be a starter for me at strong safety, but especially beyond demonte casey, who will get into more in depth in just a second. The safety room remains precariously thin: there’s geron curse, israel, muquamu darian thompson, maybe reggie robinson, maybe keanu neil stephen parker producer sam’s boy because they went to oklahoma together. But, like i i look at this secondary spawning kit. I got a lot of corners. I don’t have very many safeties and i have not done a good job of raising this alarm, but i’ll do it right now, i’m at least going to point this out, damonte casey going to be good to go week, one coming off the torn achilles. He suffered back in october. The cowboys, i think, feel pretty good about where casey’s at but his contract is profoundly cheap and if casey can’t go in week, one who’s, your free safety, does it end up being donovan wilson and then keanu neal play strong, see if that’s an option. But i kind of like donovan wilson more in the strong safety role, unless dan quinn’s really changing up his defensive scheme and not running a bunch of single high or cover three looks there so because of the skill set, i believe jordan lewis has. I would like to at least consider this. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but i think it makes some sense.

I i think it is a potential route. The cowboys could end up pursuing here and frankly, i wish they’d done it. Last year you had the opportunity, the safety room was decimated and they didn’t put jordan lewis out there so i’m gon na make this question the pinned comment on today’s video. Where do you believe jordan lewis should play type s for safety or type in c for corn? If you get the ad break here on youtube scroll on down and get your votes in, let’s talk about a different defensive back here, reggie robinson. Is he on the roster bubble, i’m gon na give this one two stars. I actually think this is a possibility given it’s a new defensive coaching staff and just playing the numbers game in the secondary. The cowboys drafted two top 100 corners. There was a report. He was going to move to safe back to corner, and maybe he will maybe he won’t, either way with a new defensive staff in place, and especially some changes in on the secondary coaching side, robinson’s going to have to impress as a fourth round pick. I don’t think he’s guaranteed a roster spot. I think he’s good enough to make the team there are plenty of other guys. I would rather have on this or have robinson over on this roster, but let’s play the numbers game at quarterback, travon diggs calvin joseph they’re locks they’re, making the team jordan lewis he is two nashon wright – was a top 100 pick he’s gon na make the team Cj goodwin is gon na make it at least as a special teamer.

I think anthony brown will make the organization as well unless he gets traded, which would be a bit of a surprise to me, but i just mentioned six corners before we even got to reggie robinson now, maybe if he plays safety, if he sticks there. Okay, things look much better. Where ends around curse, i think he made the team over israel mukwomo, although that’s a dan quinn guys. So maybe not. I don’t want darian thompson on this team, so i i think they’re that robinson makes the team, but if he does not impress, especially if he’s forced to bounce back and forth between corner and safety again, maybe it’s, actually not in the cards there. So i like robinson, i like him more than desean wright, but i promise you clearly. Dan quinn does not feel the same way. Nashawn wright was more invested and more recently invested relative to draft capital so wright’s making the team over reggie. I think he makes the team, but when we do our to be done later, of course, 53 man roster projection robinson might be one of the last guys to make the roster so get your votes in for me, do you think he’s going to make it type Y for yes or type in n for no now micah parsons was the team’s first round pick this year and his jersey is available at parsons, very simple right there head on down there, the link you see at the bottom of your screen, it’ll be in The comment section and in the description, so all you guys have to do – is click shop and go get your mica parsingers.

He will be wearing number 11 by the way. It’S parsons let’s talk schedule here. Could the cowboys be playing in the season opener for the entire nfl? Could they take on the tampa bay buccaneers in prime time thursday night football i’m going to give it two stars? I think it is very much possibility shout out peter king for coming up with with this idea here he predicted. One of two teams will end up hosting or going to play. Excuse me tampa bay buccaneers, either the dallas cowboys or the buffalo bills, with the idea of hey those teams could compete against the bucks and i’ll. Tell you this much. The dak return game is a very strong storyline and the nfl wants to get the ratings off to a hot start. There you put the cowboys and the bucks in prime time total up the nfl season. Oh yeah people are going to tune in. Of course, you could always just end up getting stuck with the giants in either week, one or in week, two as they seemingly always are. I would not be surprised if it’s cowboys giants somehow to open up prime time would be the kind of dak saquon return battle. If you will there now. I do want to quickly run through the home games and the road games this year, because we know them just not the dates and times in order. Yet, of course, the three nfc east games giants washington, philadelphia, arizona.

I put them in there on on the fork because you know go way way back on that, one anyway falcons and panthers. It is the nfc south crossover games this year, along with the afc west. You see denver and las vegas on that one. Then your road games giants minnesota, philadelphia, duh minnesota another. You know they finished third in the division game there and then they. This is the tough part of the schedule, the road games, kansas city with mahomes in theory, justin herbert and the la chargers, the aforementioned bucks, the saints with maybe jameis winston hey. Maybe the cowboys can get takeaways in that game on defense and then the new england patriots as well – maybe it’s, cam newton, maybe it’s mac jones – that patriots game as a reminder, folks, is the 17th game added to the schedule this year for the dallas cowboys we Don’T yet know the schedule the exact order, everything, but we will on wednesday that comes out on wednesday, and we will have a video for you guys. We will break it all down. Just like we did last year last year, we got the leaks and put it out early. Maybe we’ll do something similar, but do not miss out on the video hit that big red button and subscribe make sure those notifications are turned on that way. You don’t miss out, but the dallas cowboys schedule it’s coming out on wednesday, and we will have a video for you guys.

The second. It is released, one more rumor here how about signing an edge rusher. This keeps popping up there fansited two different articles, two different players mentioned but i’m gon na give it the one star, no matter what here again much like the cornerback position, i got a numbers game. There were two names mentioned that i wanted at them both at least briefly here, justin houston, formerly of the indianapolis colts ii, visited the ravens as aging, but is also still very productive and olivier vernon, who was most recently with the cleveland browns. Also productive, also kind of aging, but is coming off of a torn achilles. Now i’ve got thoughts on why i don’t think this is a good path for the cowboys, but i want your guys’s votes first. Should the cowboys go sign in edge rusher type one? For? Yes, they should, or type in zero, for no let’s go more in depth on each of these guys. Here, with up the positives, we’re trying to be more positive in 2021., justin houston continues to perform at a pretty high level. Eight tackles for loss. Eight sacks. This past year and you’re going lots more than alden smith had i’d love to bring him into the organization. I think houston, however, once it, if not full, fledged starting reps borderline starting reps. Is that the case for the dallas cowboys organization, as we’ll get to in a second i’m actually not sure, then there’s, olivier vernon, who was even better than justin houston, was last season 12 tackles for loss.

Nine sacks his red flag, however he’s coming off a torn achilles and the timing of it. I don’t think he’s gon na be good to go in week, one so you’re bringing him in you’re, probably gon na wait, he’s, probably gon na sign closer to camp regardless. There is he going to get back to his old form. How much do you want to pay him? I don’t know, but the biggest reason why i gave this one star, it’s a numbers game to me: demarcus lawrence, randy gregory. You want those two guys playing at least the majority of your snaps at edge rusher. Then you’re gon na have this kind of five technique: four technique: defensive end who can kick inside play outside on rundowns and in brett urban? Oh diggy zuwa, maybe chauncey golson, rondell carter in that role as well, but let’s just ignore that all together, like that’s one or two spots right but you’ve, got terrell basham, who the cowboys already committed to he’s making this team it’s been a third round pick on Chauncey golston he’s, making the team you have doris armstrong, who you all know my thoughts on him bradley and i as well it’s a numbers game there’s. No doubt that houston vernon are better than golson for, for example, at least right this second.

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