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We back with another video, so a little bit of breaking news with something not so much breaking news because they handed around to it. Um yesterday, uh honestly, but dallas cowboy is set to take on opening season. The super bowl champs man, the town of a buccaneers thursday night on their ranks at this range ceremony. Man me personally, i think it’s gon na be great. I think it should be it’s gon na be good for this team. It’D be good for this team to give us an incentive to work hard, because if we come out with, especially with the younger defensive, newer defense, we come out. We play hard – and i mean like, like there’s no perfect, measuring, stick to test where you at as a franchise. Yet then uh in the champs man, the top of the food chain, because at the end of the day, if we win that’s going to give us that’s going to bowl well for our confidence to hit the ground running throughout the rest of season. If we lose it’s okay, we were if we lose, it was a good game. Okay, we came out. We still. We we still totally told the champions week, one we still got 16 more weeks to get better. If you get blown out that’s telling you right, then there we got a lot to work. We got a long way to go. We got a lot to work on, i mean we didn’t seem to happen like even with the champs last year who they lost.

Two weeks was, it was, was it um? Was it the sinks or somebody did them bad or something weak one? They they got embarrassed or something, but yeah that’s. What it is man like start the season off, don’t don’t meet all the throw me all. The hard teams off the rip because at the same time, that’s what you measure your team by i don’t want to play the bengals week. One i don’t want to play somebody that’s projected that’s not to be good. You know what i’m saying i don’t want to play: just a division game. We got the eagles week, one because you’re not projected to be there at the end. You want to measure your team against all the elites of the elites and see what you stack up at man. So i think, with this schedule, dropping that gives going to training camp and, if it’s the precedes and the otas, and i think rookie mini camp starts. Even today, tomorrow, it gives you incentives to let’s hit the ground running man, it’s a show and it’s prime time huge stage ring ceremony. You get to show the world what you got man is you the same old cowboys or as we coming out with vengeance with a new attitude, you got a quarterback resurgence like i’m, not i’m, not too worried about offense and defense, because i mean our offensive date. Defense, or vice versa, because i know our offense can hang with them.

I know they got a great defense or good defense like i know our offense can hang with their offense, but the defense is going to be the biggest question. Now you get the biggest test. That’S, probably in the first game, you probably get the biggest test of the most weapons you’re going to face of one team in one game straight off the gate: there’s. No other teams that has antonio brown and the in the anderson and the god when the gronk and oj howard and two running backs and there’s no entertain just the best test out. The gate like this and let’s be real after that. You start off like this. After that, the competition does this for the rest of here there’s, nobody, you got the goat and all the weapons. I mean i’m excited to see where we stack up man there’s just a quick video for y’all man. All remember like and subscribe it’s.

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