This is our last recording before preakness. It is just me today is just the formula don’t forget to hit subscribe by the way. Thank you for following us all the way, through the second jewel of the triple crown um. So what are we talking about today? Uh we’ve we’ve already probably talked ad nauseum about bob baffert and medina spirit. One of those two is going to be involved this weekend, the other one not so much only in spirit, i guess you could say medina spirit. I think going into this is probably still the favorite in my mind, probably still the favorite in everyone’s mind whether he’s got the cream and the clear on or not uh that’s, probably the best horse out there. The best horse in the prophet’s opinion, um johnny velasquez bob baffert trained this horse has only been beaten by a couple other horses in the three spot. If it gets out in front early on right, how often is medina spirit lost when he gets out early? Never right um, the second horse we’ve got for you, starting in the 10th spot. Another bob badford horse, uh going uh in in terms of top five here concert tour with mike smith on the mount concert tour we haven’t seen in a while. Last time we saw a concert, tour, disappointing, disappointing, run in oak lawn and we are not as high on concert tour as others are. I think a lot of people are saying that this is a bob baffert exact, a box.

Only here, i think, there’s room for other horses to move up and possibly pass concert tour, even though this is our highest or our second highest rated horse. Um let’s talk through a couple of those other ones right now, so the obvious one up uh, if you’re going through the morning line midnight bourbon, we were talking about steve asmussen we’re, talking about irad ortiz, jr, uh he’s, not exactly on the morning line favorite, which Can sometimes be a bad sign, so this is actually a good spot for irad he’s, starting from the five hole with midnight bourbon. This has been a horse that we’ve seen some ups and downs with big horse with 10 horses in the race. If you can get out there in front, we think good things can happen with midnight bourbon. Who else is out there we’re starting to get into some deeper odds? Uh a couple horses i like let’s start with unbridled honor horse at the lexington, came in second place. It wasn’t the biggest of races. It wasn’t a huge stakes race, like we’ve, seen with some of these other uh kentucky derby, prep races, but unbridled honor there’s, something about it’s. A todd fletcher horse you’ve got louis syez on the mount. Louis has been extremely hot. This past spring and late winter, so i would not be surprised at all to see unbridled honor, which i believe is a 10 or 12 to 1. Shot right now, really good odds on that horse in a 10 horse race.

Not talking about something as big as the derby here so there’s, a lot of room for unbridled honor to squeeze in and last but not least, we got keep me in mind friend, of the show david cohen. Is the jacket we’re talking about here? This is a horse that we’ve expected a lot from since breeders cup right came in third place at braider’s cup, their place to essential quality we’re expecting to see big things in the derby trail. You know, i think in cohen’s own words, the horse is a bit. Has gone a bit sideways in terms of preparations leading up to the derby? This could be the time for keep me in mind to show us what they’ve been seeing out of this horse and robertino diodoro’s uh training. Is this the right time for keep me in mind? 15 1, i believe, are the odds on on keep me in mind. Headed into preakness ten horse race got a few horses like essential quality, bowing out doors, wide open for a horse like keep me in mind or unbridled on there to squeak in, especially if concert tour struggles like we saw doing uh last time when super stock defeated Him so there you have it our our our top five out there, just in terms of power rankings how you want about them. Medina spirit, concert tour. We do see some weakness with concert tour, so that opens up the door for midnight, bourbon unbridled honor and keep me in mind that’s.

All we have for for our preakness look ahead. Hope you enjoyed it uh please again hit the subscribe button.

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