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m. Eastern time at pimlico racecourse. This is the counterpart to the preakness sticks, which will take place on saturday, but for three year old phillies top pick and best odds on the board. The number 10 beautiful gift written by john velasquez trained by bob baffert nine to five on the morning line. I don’t think conte or i are going to be taking beautiful gift here in this race. My top selection, the number two willful woman written by ricardo, santana junior trained by steve astimuson 12. The one on the morning line horses run this best race on off tracks. So a little bit of a concern there, but have been improving from race to race working out really well. I was torn between the number one army – wife, the number two wolf, a woman but i’m – going with the better odds as my top selection and i think it’s worth a win bet conte. How do you see this race and who’s your top pick yeah? My top pick in here is number nine adventuring four to one for trainer, brad cox, jockey, florent, giroux, coming off of a non graded stakes, win at turf way took the horse. Three tries to break her maiden, but has has honestly performed well, has hit the board every time and i think she’s, the one that can take another step forward in this spot stretching out. It appears that she will love the additional distance, as she has a closing turn of foot yeah.

It should be a decent pace in this race, so curious to see if adventuring can hold on from up front and that’s. Why i, like the number seven miss leslie, 15 1 on the morning line, is my top long shot? Usually don’t pick the local horses on preakness weekend at pimlico. You end up horses from around the country racing the local maryland breads, but i do like the late running that miss leslie has especially into what could potentially be a hot pace. So i think it’s 15 1 on your morning line really good chance to get into the x acto trifecta superfecta, and i would absolutely include the number seven on all of your exotic tickets. Also, looking a little bit at the number one army – wife, as i mentioned, and also the number six ice, latte conti, who do you like, underneath in this race and who’s, your top long shot at ten to one or better top long shot? Number five lady traveler uh. She ran last time out in the beaumont, a race that came back really difficult frankly, and i actually think she’s gon na relish the extra distance. If you go two bat or excuse me three back to the forward gal at gulfstream, she finished a length and a quarter behind zajiel the eventual winner of that race closed into that pace and is now getting even more distance. Both of those races were only seven furlong races. So i really like her getting the extra distance for trainer dale romans and jockey javier castellano other choices that i will be using underneath one of them you just mentioned number one: army, wife, uh.

I really like the way that she’s coming into this, i think joelle rosario. You know he seems to always have his horses in the right position at the right time. She has tactical speed in here, so i think that she can, you know, be sitting just a stalking trip or, if need be, can be taken back and then swing wide coming home late and the other one in here that i looked at was to the outside. With beautiful gift um, i i honestly, i don’t love her in here. She really hasn’t done anything wrong per se, but also you know, there’s a reason why they didn’t send her uh. You know last or two weekends ago. Excuse me into the oaks and – and i just i’m – not the biggest fan of the the california horses uh. You know shipping in especially to pimlico, as you mentioned a little bit of a quirky racetrack and the maryland breads. You don’t really know what you’re getting it’s it’s a little bit of a weird weekend of racing for the preakness, so those are are my uh, my underneath horses, lady traveler, as my top long shot, i’ll, also be including army, wife and beautiful gift. So, just to recap, my top selection is the number two wolf of woman. Conte is going with the number nine adventuring is his top pick, my top long shot. The number seven miss leslie conte likes the number five lady traveler.

We both like the number one army, wife underneath in exotics. We have a few other horses that we mentioned, but that’s gon na do it for us. For now, those are our picks for the black eyed susan steaks on friday, make sure to stay tuned to and the action network app for conte’s full card for all of friday’s stakes, races and until next time.

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