Uyghurs, Solar panel, Xinjiang, China Follow the Money behind the curtain of the latest piece of theatre propaganda against China

I had a busy day and classes um, but i found some interesting stuff, so i’m gon na try and whiz through an introduction to this and i’ll cover the rest tomorrow. So i found this um united states embassy to the holy see in the vatican, which is the vatican, the i guess, the headquarters of the catholic church, where mr pope lives biggest money making organization in the world, depending on whose figures you believe, but pretty big money. Making organization – and this is the u.s embassy website and there’s this notice of uh a virtual discussion. So if that means they they’re not really going to discuss something it’s, a virtual discussion, so they’re going to pretend to discuss something, maybe but a virtual discussion. They call it highlighting the ongoing persecution, blah blah blah weakers other religious and ethnic minority groups in china at 3 p.m. Central european time, human rights in china. We get some religious minorities, it says, and blink and i’m going to deal with you later i’m, not finished with you yet mate, so i’ll get back to blinken and here’s his their thing. So this is a. This is a piece of theater, okay, it’s, more theater from the us and and associated miscreants and what’s the matter in there right. So i’ll. Look at some of these characters. Here you’ve got um this uh rachel harris professor of ethnomusicology university of london, okay, uh astrographies of islam in china, okay, journalists, radio, free asia right well, i don’t know if you know, but radio free asia is the propaganda arm of the cia, funded by the ned, Which is also the cia and she’s a broadcaster with them, but that tells you pretty much what you need to know about this character here, but it says she worked previously with chinese state media in wiga region when it was during a trip to europe.

She made the decision not to return to china after she learned about uyghur activism abroad. So why would you make the decision not to return to china after you discovered activism abroad wasn’t she active while she was in china about some supposed humanitarian problems, and you know it’s only when she went to uh europe and was introduced. It says two radio free ages, ah bingo, so when she was introduced to nad dollars for the first time at least two dozen of her china based relatives are missing, it says all presumed presumed, apparently, maybe possibly held in whatever internment camps are in xinjiang, at least Two dozen well, maybe it’s at least three dozen or maybe it’s, three million, possibly i don’t know we don’t know and she got an award, the magnitsky, human rights or jesus christ. Well, the magnitsky, i think you know about bill browder and one of the biggest criminals ever to walk god’s earth and uh. Still he walks free um, he’s, conned just about half the human race bill, browder and he’s running away and laughing all the way to the bank, and she got an award well based on a fraud now she’s a u.s citizen, okay, fine, okay. So this is a setup it’s propaganda, it’s, uh, it’s gon na be a piece of theater it. It isn’t gon na mean anything to anybody, patrick connell, charged affair for the u.s embassy holy see. So we got this guy, patrick connell, genocide, crimes against humanity, the usual stuff.

You know uh may the 11th tomorrow. I will finish this off tomorrow, but i also want to look at the vatican and the pope, mr pope, because i found some interesting stuff about. Mr pope so we’re going to look at these people tomorrow and um journalist, okay, blah blah my beloved mother can’t, hear me saying: oh my god, the tears are rolling down. My cheeks already i’m delighted to take part, raise greater awareness. This this phrase they use, raise greater awareness and you look at you – do a search on that and oh bingo ned grant search uh, raising awareness of the blubber.

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Uyghurs, Solar panel, Xinjiang, China Why Secrecy Haunts China’s Solar Factories in Xinjiang

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