AMC Entertainment, NYSE:AMC, AMC Theatres, Stock HORT SQUEEZE TOMORROW

So the first article i do actually want to read to you guys is on amc option traders jump into short squeeze potentials. Amc entertainment announced thursday and completed its 43 million share. The market equity program previously announced on april 29th, the offering which took place at an average price of about 9.95 cents per share, raised up 428 million dollars of equity capital for the company. This came on top of another social media, orchestrated short, squeeze attempt that cost shares amc to search more than 20 percent. A number of options traders jumped in on the movement, but over 806 230 shares of amc entertainment are headed higher still the next number of months. So they’re talking about a lot of options, traders are now hopping into this right and we’re actually going to dive into the options too. I want to break down the actual numbers for you guys, so you guys know. Where is the most volume, if you guys do potentially want to play some options on the side as well, so we are back on our charts right now from here i’m going to be going to trade. Oh, i did actually open up amc stocks options right now. I do want to actually break down this one for you and i do actually have a position in the june 18th right, and i also have some more that i’ll talk about later, but further from this date. Right because i do want to potentially place some options as well um and i believe yeah i do have the 25 calls all right.

The 25 calls i did get these really cheap. I got them around 0.3, so i am about 300 percent already on my contracts. I scooped up a decent amount as well, so i will be holding those for the long term, uh, probably pretty close to expiration date. Maybe like a week before i might sell i’ll, maybe buy some more shares, scoop up some more shares or if it is into the money, i might even exercise it for some more shares at around 25. So this is the main thing right here right. If we look at the one that i have before guys when i got into this, we probably had about 1200 1200 open interest now right now, if you guys look at it, we have about 8 000, almost 600 in open interest and just the volume on friday Alone was about 2 300 of new contracts that were actually open. So now, if we do actually look at let’s, say the 20 call right. The 20 call is insane, and so is the 15 call. The 15 call has 33 000, and the 20 call is about 27 000.. Now. The main thing i do want to talk about is look at this 40 call right. The 40 call has about a hundred thousand open interest and 37. Basically, 40 000 people bought into this call on friday right. So if they are betting, this huge movie is going to happen and they’re in these 40 calls.

It might not be that big of a deal right to possibly grab one right, because that one could hit and you could make a lot of money and if you guys, are looking for more options. I’D recommend, possibly maybe even going to september right. Because that more time you do have, you might spend a little bit more on premium. But, as you guys can see, look at these 40 calls still about 38 000 and if we look at let’s say may 28th. The 40 calls over here about they don’t even have them right. 24 calls. We have 30 calls here and 30 calls have a lot of volume as well about 25, 000, 15, 000 in volume. It came actually on friday right, so they are actually expecting a huge move, possibly coming between now and june 18th right there’s, a lot of volume accumulating, and i do think that we might even see a lot of people buying into this like crazy, so i’m. Just looking to see if we see any more high open volume right, so that is the one that i actually see the most open interest on, so that might actually be our best bet. I hope you guys had actually enjoyed this video and comment down below what stocks you’d like to stay in the lives next and stay in everybody.

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