AMC Entertainment, NYSE:AMC, AMC Theatres, Stock QUEEZE DATE TIMELINE + MASSIVE $340 MILLION BET (AMC Stock Analysis)

Why? I believe the squeeze date is nearing and we are very close to the stock, actually squeezing upwards and again. This is based on the past history of the stock as well, some technicals that indicate a potential squeeze that is coming up way sooner than we think and again before that, if you guys could go and hit that like button and drop, a comment down below for Amc that is all i’m asking. It really helps boost the video in turn. More people watch the video it helps boost the stock and will make the squeeze even bigger as more people go ahead by amc. In anticipation of the squeeze and before that, i wanted to go ahead and talk about my discord. Um. I have a free discord linked down below where all amc news is covered. We have an amc channel. This is all for free by the way where everyone can go ahead. Talk about any sort of news, that’s happening with amc. So again, you guys can get your news as well. Some buys and sell alerts so again, whatever stocks i’m buying, these will be a little delayed on the free discord, but i want to trade in unity with you guys again that’s what the hedge funds do. All the time they decide when a stock should go up when it should go down. Why can’t we do the same thing: we’re nearing a thousand members. My goal is to grow this discord to 50 or 100 000 members, so we are really growing up about 100.

200 members every single day so definitely join down below and again, if you make any money from my free discord, consider joining the patreon. You have to pay a little bit, but you will get my live, buy and sell alerts what stocks i’m buying, if it’s a long position a swing position or if it’s a day trade with that said, let’s go ahead and talk about why. I believe the squeeze date is nearing i’m going to be using iborodesk, because it has all the historical data that we need to compare the previous squeeze to the current squeeze. That is going to happen, and this one’s going to be much bigger than last time. So the first squeeze was on the 27th of january this year and amc actually hit a high of 25 dollars in the pre market and i’m gon na go ahead and look at the days leading up to this quiz. Now i talked about this in my previous video, but again the 27th of january was actually where the fees were the lowest um. It was only a four percent borrow fee that’s, because the demand for shorting was extremely low. Hedge funds don’t want to short when a stock is squeezing that’s just asking to get margin called so we’re. Looking at a very similar situation here now, i’m. Looking at the spike, if you guys take a look here, there’s a spike in the fees and it went down um if you go to or texas twitter uh, the average cost to borrow was only 24 as of yesterday and again, keep in mind.

It was sitting at right over 80 the day before so a massive drop now you might be like is that bad news, but we have to look at the historical data to see how this plays out. On the 21st of december, the fees were sitting at 141 percent, but they dramatically dropped all the way down to around 25 that’s. What we’re setting out right now in a matter of 10 days now we do this in a matter of a day, so again that dramatic drop has happened when eyebrow desk does update it’s going to be sitting closer over here. So there will be that dramatic drop that i’m talking about right over here. Then, if you take a look here, the fees just continued dropping until we had that massive squeeze, and i want to go ahead and compare this to the chart over here. Historically speaking on the 21st of december, so that was all the way back here we had that dramatic increase in fees, but if you guys take a look here, the stock actually fell down almost 20 before it started moving up in anticipation of the squeeze. So, even if you hold at this point comparatively to the 21st of december, the stock went up 85 from the 21st of december to the 26th of january. This was before the squeeze just in anticipation. People started buying the stock up, so we might be looking at a very similar situation here.

So, even though we go down the next couple of days do not be afraid it’s likely to increase. We have had a big volume spike with that said, we’ve actually been going up, so that’s really good, and you guys might see this a little bit of consolidation here, that’s due to the shorts um shorting the stock, the short ladder attacks that happen every single time. There’S low volume being traded at a single point in time during the day short start attacking the stock and we’re talking synthetic shares right here. So hedge funds, such as citadel and melvin capital, are shorting the stock synthetically when there’s less volume during the day, and at that point they go ahead. Take advantage of it try to get amc back to where it was with. That said, we’ve been doing a very good job, we’re able to keep the stock constant, despite all that massive shorting going on over the last couple of days, so really good job. On terms of that, with that said, it looks like we’re consolidating right now in anticipation of a bigger push over the next couple of weeks. The squeeze has not started by the way, but it looks like it’s gon na go ahead and start real soon. Now i want to go ahead and use another technical here. I already used the fees but let’s talk about the shares traded um, a very similar situation here, i’m going to go ahead and remove the fees just to focus on the shares traded now let’s go ahead.

Take a look over here on the 27th of january. During the day of the squeeze we traded at 1.3 billion shares, absolutely unbelievable. That’S, like one one in every seven people in the entire world traded at least a share of amc, absolutely unreal to think about that. But with that said, let’s go ahead and talk about you know where i think we are in terms of the historical graph. So let’s take a look here. I want to go and compare it to this date. The 19th of january we had 256 million volume. We dropped to around 180 million volume and if you guys take a look here, we had 296, so we dropped to around 207 very similar drop here and then three days later, we had that squeeze so based on the shares traded. The squeeze is about like five or six days away, but based on the fees available it’s about two to three weeks away. So with that said, you have to be holding the stock if you’re not holding it right now, you’re playing the game wrong um. There is so much money to be made and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the process of the squeeze. So if you guys are using robinhood make sure you make that switch to weeble right now, you guys get two free stocks for depositing 100. Let me use my link to join down below and again my free stocks have been up to 40 to 50 each.

I will have proof towards the end of the video, but you guys can go and take a look at that. So that’s really really good. Now, in terms of why it’s all coming together, oh yeah, it’s, all coming together, let’s take a look here. Hedge funds have the filing date where they either buy or sell or short a stock. So in terms of that first things, first 338 million dollars worth the amc has been bought in the second quarter 2021 and the second quarter has not finished yet. So this is updating every single day only seven million has been sold by institutions, so institutions are taking a big big bet on amc right now. They believe it is gon na squeeze i’m telling you this and i’ve already said this before. I understand many people know that institutions are lending their shares to other institutions. To short it, but institutions would not just take a position to allow other people to lend it and short it. I mean they get that interest, but they’re definitely depending on the squeeze or they would be shorting the stocks themselves right. So it does make sense that they are taking a position to get that short term interest, but long term. They do believe the squeeze is going to happen and that’s where they’ll go ahead, sell their shares to make even more money. Institutions know how to play the game. They’Ve been in the game for a very long time.

Now. Now, with that said, i wanted to highlight some important points here. Looking at the shares held i’m not i’m, going to ignore these, because these numbers are really not relevant. The big ones are the bank of new york, uh, northern trust, court and geode capital management. Just take a look here: their increase has been about 300 percent each and they have a 14 million 38 million and 64 million state dollar stake in the company. Absolutely unbelievable. I’M, just gon na look at the big shares held and they have all gone up. As of this quarter, they’re taking a stake in the company in anticipation of a squeeze which will have to happen and again, if you keep scrolling down over here, 27 million by blackrock again, we know they have been lending their shares, but also a 300 increase. All of these institutions have been taking massive massive positions in the company. In anticipation of this massive squeeze, that’s gon na happen in terms of ortex data. I also went ahead and talked about this real quick as of one hour ago. They said the short squeeze trading signal. A short screen signal was generated based on the recent price increase and the high shorting level. In amc, the mean return for the signal is 45. So, basically, if you’re holding right now based on historical data, you will be making a minimum of 45. Even if you don’t believe in the 100 000 squeeze, which you should be because it is theoretically possible, you will be making 45 just by holding your amc shares right now that, for that reason i am not swing trading.

This i’m not day trading the stock i’m holding it because i know a squeeze is going to happen. You have to have conviction in your place and everything. Every single technical is pointing towards the squeeze massive hedge funds buying. We have the borrow rate exactly working as it was in the past before the squeeze. We have vortex tweeting based on technicals, that the mean return for the signal is 45. Absolutely unreal and again we also have the ceo, adam aaron tweeting some stuff over here wanted to go ahead. Look at this with you guys and he has been extremely supportive of the squeeze. By the way i mean he’s, he’s, embracing these memes. He absolutely loves them and, to be honest, they are good, memes, so really nice to see that he’s, supportive of the squeeze too every single major player here, is extremely supportive of the squeeze that’s. All i had to say please hold on to your shares based on technicals. We are definitely gon na squeeze and if it’s not as big as you think so be it. But price is gon na increase from what it is right now, absolutely no reason to sell. You would have to be stupid to sell your shares at this point. You know even on the graph, it looks like it’s consolidating before another major push, and this is all pretty squeezed by the way we have not squeezed yet just wanted to put out there based on the shares.

Traded squeeze will happen in the next week, based on the fees it’s next two to three weeks so within the next month, is a time frame i would give, but again, even if it does not happen, it’s all hedge funds delaying the squeeze, keep in mind. If the squeeze does not happen within the next month, it will still happen. These hedge funds that are taking major positions are also lending their shares to other hedge funds in order to short, they’re digging the hole even deeper that’s, just going to result in a bigger squeeze there’s no way they cannot cover june 2nd is where the official share Count happens and that’s where they’re going to go ahead, get exposed so keep holding onto your shares. Stay strong apes, i’ll see you guys in the next video and peace out. Also, if you guys are looking for some free stocks, make sure you guys go ahead. Join vivo using my link down below you, get one free stock just for signing up with my link, another for depositing 100 or more and again, these are up to sixteen hundred dollars. I have gotten over three thousand dollars in free stock, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already done so. You get access to the pre market, the post market, as well as complex charts to ensure you have the best gains, while trading again amazing platform.

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AMC Entertainment, NYSE:AMC, AMC Theatres, Stock HORT SQUEEZE TOMORROW

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