WarnerMedia, AT&T, Discovery, Media HBOMax to Merge with Discovery+ in Surprise Move from AT&T!

It is something we talk about from time to time. On this channel and uh today, we’re talking about att offloading uh dc comics warner brothers, all of it together. So this is decimated dc ground zero. Here we go so this just in and this uh kind of snuck out and uh. It probably shouldn’t have snuck out now. People are gon na say in this article when we go down through it that this news, why hasn’t anybody heard of this yet and uh we’ve been talking about it on this channel we’ve talked about people walking into the dc offices. Looking around that uh, there was a rumor that they were hoping to sell dc, comics and we’ve talked about in this channel who in the world would buy dc comics on its own, because warner brothers would own the license. It doesn’t make sense. So actually, this isn’t a well kept secret it’s, actually been in the comic book industry. Just nobody really thought outside of the comic books. They thought it was just. They were talking about. Actually just selling dc comics they’re, actually selling everything doesn’t know what to do. They’Re in debt they’ve been in debt; they were in debt before they bought warner brothers. Now, when that this gets a little confusing for some people at home, you’re here just for dc comics hang tight. So when atnt bought warner brothers, they actually bought everything warner. Brothers owns, which happens to be dc comics, so this is where dc comics is just along for the ride.

Why? Because it’s, a bunch of intellectual properties by owning that publisher, you own the copyright trademark of everything in the dc comics library, which is hot real estate when you’re talking about streaming when you’re talking about video games when you’re talking about everything. Besides comic books, toys. All of this stuff let’s get into it, what’s the news on the street. Apparently, all the heavyweights in warner, media and discovery plus, which is um who they’re discussing with to merge, are having a sunday meeting bit weird because um, you know you know these people are the upper management people they never meet on the weekends, so there’s a negotiation For potential merger of all the media and discovery and people are like wait, what, where? Why is that surprising is because um nobody has actually heard any whisperings that you know that att is going to offload the whole war in the media. Everyone talks about. Maybe oh att will offload, maybe a dc car, maybe it’s. Maybe they offer something that’s slightly unprofitable, but it seems like they want that warning media. So they can build the hbo max brand and really get their foot in the door with the streaming service thing. But now that they’re setting off one media, which means they’re selling off all their rights and all these movies and so on as well and obviously hbo max, is being sold as well. It seems like att, is exiting this whole entertainment game.

It could be one of two things happen in my personal opinion here either at t when i was at dc comics, everybody was like yay, this merger. We hope it happens because we’re all gon na get raises – and everybody thought we’ll just be left alone at dc. Comics we’ll be able to make comic books, and so on and they’re they they don’t know they knew right away. Att knew nothing about handling stories, about intellectual properties, about character, development, so dc, comics assumed and all the staffers who were no longer there that they would just be. This was job security, and actually it was the it was absolutely not. It was the opposite. They ended up with the dc comics bloodbath page rates, getting cut the line getting cut from like 50 some titles to like 30, some titles, um public statements that you know, one third of the line, doesn’t make money and that’s always been the case. One third of dc comics, probably one third of marvel comics. They don’t make money it’s the overall line, that’s profitable and actually develops things like toys, video games, movies, so on and so forth. So it was always interesting that att decided to cut staff cut rates. All of this, and i couldn’t help but think to myself that sounds like you’re, getting ready to flip it that’s what it is now there’s, two things that could happen either day. One don’t know how to handle everything which is actually obvious and two that um they want to cut the cost of production of everything, do streaming and then flip it for more money than they bought it.

And i actually think this is a combination of both, but they probably won’t end up making more money they’re lucky if they get the money back, they spend on the company because mainly coveted hit them in the middle of this transaction. Now this transaction had been held up by the trump administration because they were checking it out to make sure it wasn’t a monopoly, and then it went through and uh. Basically cove. It happened. A lot of box office hits like wonder: woman 1984. I don’t know a lot of warner brothers movies, just didn’t get into theaters like they were supposed to be. The box office was slashed, the streaming service had to move probably forward a little bit quicker than it should have um. There was a whole big thing where the dc entertainment streaming thing and i don’t know the proper name of it. They were taking it down, they’ve been trying to uh the adult swim stuff because they own cartoon network too. So they’re trying to shift everything into this. One streaming service very haphazardly and it’s, not really a good platform to begin with, and uh they’re trying to also compete like it’s, a space race or something with disney plus apple tv. Uh netflix has been there forever, so they’re really not rushing against netflix, but they are rushing against all their other competitors and just like with the dc entertainment movies versus the marvel cinematic universe, i mean you see what happened when they tried to jump in the race Too, quick and run too fast and try to catch up it just didn’t work, so we’re seeing a lot of the same stuff here where this is going uh.

Why is this information? Slipping out is supposedly the deal is getting ready to happen date monday. So um look for a future announcement on this guys. Uh i don’t know it’s, probably under keep too to try to keep stock prices from probably being altered with really, i would say that this would definitely be a boost for discovery, and maybe some one media stuff, but att stock would definitely tank now, as if i Remember correctly, t bought the warner media family for, like 150 billion. They said that the valuation under the discussion right now between discovery and warner media is about a hundred billion. Well, they say well over 100 billion, but would they say well over 100 billion they didn’t say 200 billion, so it sounds more like it’s gon na be maybe att will break even maybe but don’t forget this inflation too. So technically you don’t and of course this is considered a big surprise because after att absorb won the media, they experienced not one, not two but three rounds of restructurings and layoffs since 2018., so it’s, like um, okay, you later i was off and sunny is um. Wait: you’re selling us off like wait. What are we like? Some uh, something you can just buy use and get rid of now. This happens a lot in wall street what’s happening here, the the fir, but this is interesting because this is actually happening with things we like and entertainment intellectual properties being gobbled up by one company to the other and will discovery have any idea what how to handle Uh transmedia properties like batman, superman, wonder woman, the justice league of america – probably not probably not so uh now granted.

There is a streaming service now that has been developed that’s in play that wasn’t there before and warner brothers at t. Whatever you want to call. It has been trying to get the stream streaming service geared for overseas right. This is something that they’ve been really going on a global initiative and uh. You know, shame shame box office streaming is the future, so we’ll see uh. Where att comes out on this um. I think, if they’re better off getting rid of it, i don’t think a phone company who the the you know their biggest contribution to any business model, was charging. Probably like you know, like long distance fees or or data, whatever more buying more data. I mean i mean what do they know about storytelling? What do they know about entertainment and uh? Why did they even get in this business to begin with, because they already owned the channels for streaming and stuff? They just needed content to run through the pipes they had laid the pipes. They just needed content to shove through the pipes to you and it was. They thought it was the only natural way to make more money and that’s exactly the thing here is. This was not a genuine; they were not genuinely interested in the properties they were buying in entertainment. They just wanted to make more money and uh covet happen. Now that will change the market. They are lucky if they break, even in my humble opinion, because uh they had a hand in and slaughtering uh the movie theaters across america.

So uh. You know they kind of cut they kind of burned up their own market, and you know in trying to sell this company. Well, let me quickly say, though i think that someone would definitely benefit from this merchant and that’s the consumer, because this is going to bring together a lot of different channels and stuff. So let me just list them so if this merger goes through the collection of networks and stock and the story, one about the studio with discoveries, collection of domestic international cable channels is anchored by discovery, tlc, animal planet and own, as well as lifestyle juggernauts food network And hg tv, so if they combine you’re talking about combinational mess with all those titles, a lot of those titles are what you would call you know for family friendly titles. Hbo max still has that weird: oh it’s hbo, maybe it’s adult content branding. So this might help them move into more living rooms. I’Ll say it might be a good move overall to happen for consumers, maybe but um i’m in the comic business – and i i don’t know if another company owning dc comics is a good thing. To be honest, i i think, like i don’t, think, there’s been many benefits, come of a big corporation owning dc comics, not in my lifetime anyways. But if you guys will big uh changes here: shane davis, starlight casper lyon, rising uh we’re, getting ready to move up to a hundred and eleven thousand dollars up on indiegogo.

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WarnerMedia, AT&T, Discovery, Media mp;T in advanced talks to merge WarnerMedia with Discovery: Sources

WarnerMedia, AT&T, Discovery, Media mp;T in talks to merge Warner Media and DC with Discovery