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One press conference featuring the florida state seminoles we are joined by student athletes, kaylee mutch and kaylee harding. Please make sure if you have a question for a specific or just one of the student athletes. Please use their full name, since we have two dailies start with graham hayes thanks. This is sir uh kaylee harding i’m. Just curious. If you can kind of walk me through where you were in 2018, when florida state was playing for a title in the world series and where you were, if you were watching just what you remember about daddy’s hearing still being back in tennessee um yeah, i think Pretty sure i was at a travel, ball tournament or a travel practice actually, and we were all watching on our phones. I know a lot of people. Um wanted a game three, but i was just pushing for the nose just wanted to go ahead and get it over with, but i think yeah i was at a practice just cheering them on allison posey, hey guys. This question is for both of you um. Just your guys talk about the aggressive base running the putting the ball in play, the final inning, the the switching of the defensive positions, because you guys had to just what is it about this team? You guys aren’t afraid to do anything. You just go out there and you get it done start with kaylee munch, please yeah we’ve worked on just being aggressive all year.

That’S one of our core values is being aggressive, so it’s, definitely something that comes with this team. I think we’ve really bought into being aggressive base, runners and just being so flexible on defense. Kaylee harding can play literally any position so it’s fun to see her move around and to see sid and dev have to move around and then kirsten come in. That was huge. I think everyone in the dugout is just ready for next man up which makes it such a good culture here, haley harding yeah much basically said it all. We practice so hard. We practice face running a lot. We just go out there honestly and just play softball it just we practice enough, so brian neighbor yeah. This question is for for both of you all just if you could uh talk about danielle, watson’s performance tonight and how important that was the way she set. The tone early and then also uh the the the throw out uh there in the uh, the second uh by you, kaylee harding um. You know how? How big was that for both of y’all to just uh? You know sort of set the tone for this game start with kaylee harding yeah um danielle did a great job. She kept that momentum on our side. She did a great job, keeping the ball in the park. We know they were going to swing it. She kept her composure really well, the second inning just i don’t really know.

I just tried to do whatever i could to keep the momentum on our side. It’S not easy playing um in front of thousands of oklahoma fans but um whatever i could do to keep uncle moe and r dug out hey thank much yeah danielle is one of the most competitive people that i’ve ever met and she’s grown. So much since. Being here so it’s really fun to see her compete on the stage and succeed. I knew that we all had her back and when she got the start, we were all just ready to be in her hip pocket for her and she’s worked so hard to be. In this moment so i’m just really proud of her weather, kaylee mudge. You talked about how the aggression on the base pass and how that’s really been the mo of this team with how much speed you all have all year was that something i mean was there extra emphasis, maybe even put on that? Maybe that could be the great equalizer for you all against the team like oklahoma, with that lineup yeah. Definitely, um we’ve worked hard on our base running all year. We when we were trying to find who we were as a team. We knew one thing for sure, and that was that we were fast. I think one of the pitchers said it and one of the beginning of our team meetings is that we’re fast and we can take a lot of bases, so we’ve definitely used that to our advantage throughout the whole season and it’s just trying to be the same Team that we’ve been all season being here, nothing’s going to show up new, so it’s, just cool to see us run the bases just like we have all season.

Chandler angle, correct, hey guys, congrats on the win, those questions to both of you. Obviously, to win this whole thing you guys are going to have to beat ou one more time, no team. So far, this season has managed to beat ou twice what’s the recipe to get the win tomorrow or the next day start with kaylee harding, honestly just playing florida’s day softball. We have been um all year, trusting in um, not only team 38 um, really um it’s not going to be easy, and we know that, but we are resilient and we’re going to fight whatever it takes. Okay, that much yeah. I definitely agree with what kayleigh said: it’s going to take all of us it’s going to take all of our fight. Oklahoma is a great team and we know they have some hot bats and some good pitchers. So i think just focusing on us focusing on what matters and what matters is the people in our circle. Um it’s, obviously very loud here, it’s, basically a home game. So the fans have been amazing on our side but we’re, just trying to focus in on ourselves and just fight for each other, one pitch at a time: melvin stith, congratulations, guys! Um kaylee harding you’ve moved down to the ninth uh spot in the order, and then you’ve really broken out in these last couple games. Is that? Because you got less pressure in the night spot or is it just one of those things where you just broke out as a coincidence, um there’s definitely less pressure, especially being a freshman coming in playing in front of so many people, less pressure in the nine spot.

Definitely helped but honestly just keeping a short memory and knowing i can do it only takes one pitch. So just believing in myself last one for our student athletes, ronald smith, this is ronald e smith. I just want to talk about your teammate. This is for both of you guys. This is for your teammate josie muffley scary, play during the game, but again when we, when they picked her up and just helping her she, she was so upset about being taken out. The game just tell us about her toughness and how no matter what she still wants to go and give her best. 110 percent start with kaylee mutch yeah josie’s, one of the toughest people on this team for sure, mentally and physically. She throws her body around like it’s, nothing and she’s made plays like that all season for us she’s not afraid to go in hard and die for balls, whatever it takes, she’s, definitely whatever it takes type of player. So it was scary moment. Definitely i was standing right there at home plate and it was very scary play but i’m glad that she got up she’s, just she’s, so competitive and tough – that she always wants to be out on that field, but i’m. Just glad that she’s, okay, kaylee harding yeah 100, what much said um josie is definitely the toughest player i’ve ever played with she’ll. Take whatever she’ll take. So many hits so many hit by pitches.

So many collisions but she’ll get right back up and i’m pretty sure. You’Ll see her out on the field tomorrow with a huge smile on her face haley times 2. Thank you very much for your time and congratulations. Thank you. Thank you joined now by head coach, lonnie alameda, and we will begin with kurt weiler coach. You you’ve talked a lot to know about the season about how your belief in this team’s speed and what that can do and how aggressive that can make you on the base pass. Was there maybe even an extra emphasis put on that coming into this game? Knowing i mean the the power of that ou lineup you’re going against uh. No, i think this has just been who we are and um. I think, it’s, a mixture of speed and smarts. I think kaylee alluded to the fact that we really practice on our base running, but we also really talk about the smarts of base running and how important it is to take an extra 60 feet. Knowing arm strengths and running with your head up and all those things so that’s just been who we are we’ve done that all season so um, you know i’m, so proud of them to be able to on a big stage like today. Uh, let it loose and take the extra bases that got us here and they’re comfortable doing it now. Elizabeth merrill did you say anything to kaylee harding after the game and kind of how do you sum up how a freshman puts together that kind of a game? After her earlier struggles, i mean kaylee’s been amazing.

All season she’s had a big role for us as a freshman. She’S played a lot of different positions, she’s been in the top of the lineup for most of the season and has done incredible – and i know at this point this season she’s almost like a sophomore um but uh. No, i you know, i think i hugged her. I hope i hugged her. Maybe i didn’t i don’t know, but i will it’s kind of whirlwind right after the game, but uh you know again, i think, as a coach, you get this time of year and uh. Your heart is just so full when they get opportunities to to be on the big stage and get after what they want to get after tom tibbetts, hey coach, uh, just coming to that game. Danielle! Obviously, you know between your pitchers was pitching the fewest innings in this women’s college world series up to this point, but to have that kind of outing and the scoreboard might not have looked like it, but against an offense like oklahoma’s. Just what do you say about the kind of start and quality that she came out and gave you for those five innings yeah? I mean incredible um. I think we’ve been blessed with a great pitching staff this year and i think we’ve been blessed with the pitching staff that works together. They know their unit, they know they can bring at any time a pitch to the circle.

That’S needed for the team and danielle was just waiting for her moment and she was present. She was completely composed in some big moments and uh connected with her team and that’s, something that we’ve worked on all season for her and um. Just i mean we all knew we had. You know she had it in her, and here we are at the opportunity to give it to her and she shined everett, shuffle hey coach um. You guys have played in some really tough environments um. What was this like? And how did you feel like the team handled it, and what do you expect um it’s gon na take to close out oklahoma you’re here, particularly yeah. I mean it’s uh. I said it in the fourth inning interview. I mean it’s electric uh, you know every time i kept going out there i’m, like you, know, they’re softball fans, they’re, not ou fans. Right like this is just everyone’s excited about softball game. I think mendes has their own cheering section in right field like it’s. Pretty incredible, it’s incredible for the game: um yeah, i don’t know if anyone’s ever played in this environment unless you’re playing oklahoma at home for a national championship like it’s a different story with that that second level, it echoes, um, it’s, really really cool, it’s, really cool And for the growth of our sport – and i was so proud of all of us – you know even me, you know, i know that i’ve coached a lot of games and been a lot of places, but you know there are many times i’m like wow.

This is it’s so loud. This is so cool for our sport and all of our kids just took it in and we’re completely comfortable in the moment, ashley coleman coach. Can you talk about the importance of having the veteran players talk to the team before the start of this game? How important was that and what impact did it have yeah? No, i think um we’ve probably been sharing stories about postseason for about three to four weeks. Now you get towards the end of your regular season. Um, you know your your book of work puts you in a position to be an at large, so you start practicing and talking about three game series. You start talking about championship mindsets um. You know all the things that we’ve earned and we can trust so then you know you get together as a group and um hey sid share with the team what it’s like to walk into oklahoma city for the first time for practice day: hey anna what’s it Like uh, you know when there’s two teams left playing and all the fans are yelling and they could share their experience. And now those extra experiences have been shared and now the freshmen can see what they’re talking about. So i think it’s hugely important, but i think the the biggest thing right now is we’re playing together as a team and there’s no someone’s been here before is we’re all in this together and uh we’re, playing as a team and we’re playing some really exciting.

Softball and uh that’s, probably the greatest thing that the stories have shared with us, graham hayes, going back to danielle for a second. How did her performance last night influenced the decision and the thought process and is that a decision that you knew you were going to make last night when you go to sleep or do you sleep on it um? No, i had a pretty good idea that i wanted to start her today. Um. You know i knew her velocity down in the zone and her ability to spread the zone with the rise ball was going to be pretty good. I mean they’re great, hitting clubs, so you have to attack different quadrants and you have to use different speeds and so um. You know they’re right, handed heavy they’re power, heavy um, so there’s a lot of things going to that thought process. Also, on the other side, can i give kat a little bit of rest um. You know she’s been pitching great games for us too um. You know kayla and her have got a lot of innings under their belt here. So can get a little bit of rest for them to to go on. What tomorrow is, is the biggest game right? That game two is the toughest of any three game series and um. We wanted to get quality information today, um and if we got the w wow incredible icing on the cake and now we can get to work tonight and decide what we need to do tomorrow, all right last one for coach, melvin’s.

Fifth thanks coach um: can you talk a little bit about the importance of jumping on them early i mean this is the second time that you got the big lead and then kind of held on a little bit and also um how’s josie doing yeah josie’s great. We had a doc come in and check her out and he just wanted to double check and make sure that she’s, fine, so she’s going to be okay and i gosh any run support right now. You know, i think, it’s just so cool that the team is so comfortable with um. You know short game pass in the bat. Big swings: um, they’re, okay, with quality plate appearances like everything that that we’ve been working through the season they’re comfortable with so but when you can throw some run, support in the board and then you’re going after a team that can leave the yard pretty consistently. It allows you as a pitcher to to calm down and attack the zone with a different mindset, so it was absolutely huge for us um. The hitters have just been incredible how they’ve been working their plans and travis and troy have just been getting after each individual player and the offense in general and it’s a it’s, a huge one, and you know something that we want to keep getting after. For the next game, coach alameda, thank you for your time, as always, very, very much appreciate it.

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