Joaquín Guzmán, Emma Coronel Aispuro, Drug cartel | Wife of DRUG KINGPIN "El Chapo" Expected To Plead Guilty REACTION

So we have wife from notorious drug king pinel, chapo expected to plead guilty. Today. Man, this is a cbs in the morning reaction uh with this reaction. I guess they are actually talking about how you know. Um el chapo’s wife is willing to talk to the feds or the police about drug operations, or something like that. Man, if you don’t know who el chapo is man, you know who el chapo is man good playing around man notorious drug kingpin um, if you’ve seen like you know, narcos and stuff like that, that story is based off of el chapo if i’m, not completely mistaken Man, but you know the context of you – know: um the cartel, the mexican cartel, obviously being one of the powerful men in in mexico, during that little drug trade, drug ring uh period of time, man and at one point there was a reaction i did. This is a random uh statement, there’s a reaction. I did too at one point like um. The cartels in mexico were having a lot of fights with the authorities there and it was getting bad to where it was like. You know shootouts broad day and stuff, like that, and people had told me. Bro, like don’t, react to this kind of stuff man. The cartel is the cartel that you don’t want to be reacting to this, and i was like bruh it’s a reaction. People are trying to tell me about the cartel and if you react to cartel content, man, they’ll they’ll come after you not to put that in the air.

You know what i’m saying i come in peace, but it’s like come on bro. This is just a reaction. So essentially you, like i mentioned um, it looks like el chapo’s. Wife is going to start snitching emma coronel, so i don’t know man let’s see what cbs in the morning has to say about this, be sure to like comment subscribe hit. The notification bell follow me on instagram and twitter forward. Favorite man we’re on the road 10 million cbs news, confirms a new york times report that the wife of mexico’s notorious drug. Lord el chapo is expected to plead guilty in u.s federal court to helping her husband run his multi billion dollar drug empire 31 year old. Emma coronel is arrested in virginia in february two years after her husband was convicted of multiple charges in the u.s nikki. Batiste is here to tell us what her guilty plea could mean for other members of the cart dang. She gon na bring the whole cartel down. That sounds dumb. You know what i’m saying in the sense that there could be backlash. Obviously, you know where’s the loyalty at nowadays man nobody’s willing to be loyal, ride or die for that party since she’s, like 30 years old, though el chapo is like 60, something any or 50 or something like that, but um. I can’t believe that you know um she’s want to speak, you would think there’d be repercussions, but obviously she got protection within the feds.

You know what i’m saying like she there wouldn’t be no assassin. I don’t think there could be like any assassination attempt in that type of realm is what i’m trying to say, but you would think like come on bro. Why are you speaking out against the cartel that’s? That sounds like a no no but i’m sure that she’ll have some type of protection. Tell nikki good morning anthony good morning. The cartel’s leader, joaquin el chapo guzman, is already in prison serving a life sentence in colorado. A legal expert we spoke with says his wife might have enough information to put others behind bars as well. She might have already told prosecutors what she knows throughout her husband’s trial in new york. Two years ago, emma coronel espuro was a constant presence in the courtroom. A retired dea administrator says she was also by el chapo’s side, as he conducted his extensive criminal enterprise. She was clearly exposed to why they got to be so physical with him. Like that, you know what i was saying like. We know that he obviously um el chapo is a savage himself like he’s killed. Countless of people so never mind nevermind. You must, within the exposure all of the things that chopper was in control of the movement of narcotics across the border into the united states and obviously the flow of money back, not just exposed prosecutors, say the former beauty queen participated in those criminal acts as well.

In february they charged her with conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine she’s, also accused of helping her husband’s daring second escape from a mexican prison. In 2015., a mile long tunnel, dug from his cell former federal prosecutor, lori levinson bro he’s, done that two times there’s two times he’s escaped from his sale. The tunnel was the first one, then that, like he, did a different way. He’S done it twice: bro um, but you’re, saying that they’re saying that she had a hand in all this. That is crazy to me. She’S like a beauty queen or something such too. I wonder how maybe he probably got into a relationship with her while she was on the outside and he was on the inside or something like that. I don’t know man but i’m, not completely surprised that she’s pleading guilty. The real question is: is she making a deal to cooperate? I suspect that she’s offering something to get a more lenient sentence. Levinson says as a mother of two who wants to get back with her children. Coronel has reason to work with prosecutors for the government. They want to make sure they have all the information they can get regarding chapo his allies, his family members it’s not clear, however, that she’s giving that information, because there are dangers for her to do so exactly it’s, very dangerous. There will be assassination attempts on your life, my dog, like it’s, the cartel we’re playing with you know.

So i understand the whole aspect to get back to your family, but i don’t think she’s gon na try to work out a deal should probably try to work out a best deal as possible, but to give away the whole operation that’s suicide. Bro. Obviously, he’s got to be el chapo’s kids, but when did he meet her because chapo been locked up for a minute? I guess maybe, like the last time he escaped, they probably got like married or something but that’s wild five people in the live stream. Man hit the like button. Let me know y’all thoughts in the comment section below man thumbs up. We should have 20 likes on this video, the new york times reports coronel will enter her guilty plea tomorrow. Levinson says it’s possible. She has already given specific information to government prosecutors we’ve reached out to coaches for comment, but we have not yet heard back. I would think being able to be with your children is a great motivator. Of course, we know nothing about what’s going on behind the scenes, but that would certainly be some incentive. It certainly makes sense young, kids and everybody, and i would think anyone in that cartel would be feeling very uncomfortable with this news: dangerous situation for everybody yeah for us, yeah, it’s, a dangerous situation bro. She can bring down the whole society like these dudes, but these are criminals. These are professional criminals, not like a cartel it’s funny.

I reacted to a cartel video, the other day where people supposedly were driving through mexico trying to just get through a light. The cartel stops them supposedly the cartel. I think there was just some young hoodlums or something like some young. You know troublemakers they’re, trying to carjack them, but buddy had a little finesse move. He was able to weave through traffic to where the carjackers weren’t able to apprehend his truck. So it was. It was pretty interesting entertaining. Of course it was schooling on things to do and not to do um. Let me know y’all’s thoughts on this one. In the comments section below man, i’m, not sure if y’all keep up with any, this is random news, but this is international news. Obviously, you know what i’m saying this is random news though like, but at one point not too long ago, there was a thing with el chapo’s sons. I think one of his kids got arrested or something because in his hiatus his son was running the whole operation. Something like that man. I hope i never run into the cartel. You know what i’m saying like all the stories you hear about, that bro, nothing good can come with. You know, crossing paths with the cartel. You know what i’m saying so hey. Let me know y’all’s thoughts in the comment section below like comment subscribe hit. The notification bell follow me on instagram and twitter forward.

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