Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates vs Pittsburgh Pirates (Part 1) June 8, 2021 – MLB Highlights | MLB Season 2021

The pirates just took three of four against the marlins yeah. Now the batting average isn’t really up there very good, just 216. who’s 4 0 this year. If you include the post season the letter good tonight, walker bueller is walking out toward that a few moments ago. The rain has subsided. We she bets was traded. Opening a massive 12 year left sending evans back to the track, missed a little bit also and tibet jeremy popped it up. We’Ll make the catch. The difference is how he uses the two singer: that’s to hayes excellent work by james and colin moran. Jacob stallings matt’s see if he can’t set the tone against this tough righty. He thinks flick there, bellinger in center bets and wright justin turner, gavin, eason here’s a fifth game back it’s this a fair it is gone. He’S takes him right down, looks the ball. Does his best work in the upper two thirds dodgers are either asking for Applause now, the reason he missed it was because he was running hard left center gap cut off by reynolds well done smith, the catcher again yep, hustling and rolling gon na have to be First, base works like a bunt for smith. To do catcher’s got stuff to do good work there. We go be very picky about what they swing. He struck him out looking bucks taking on the cleveland, indians, first 20, 000 fans, moran, stallings, polanco and then singles to start the bottom of the second ox just for key brian hayes.

I can tell you that he has reached base safely in a and that’s his heart settle into the glove of mookie betts. You know it’s not like he’s, one of those guys who throws the fastball stairs very well. We saw that with hayes slight little bobble and had it seemed up very well very often Applause, 3, 0 now they’re loaded for brubacher. Yes, all right that one’s going to go through pitchfork, stop it’s credit for more information on lunch, with the throw at first base against the left, hander tyler – and there certainly is some home grown talent on deep short good play. An easy play i mean yeah could easily the regular plays that they’re supposed to could be awfully frustrating that’s right, solid, very, very solid defensive only time, but a lot of times shortstop gets Applause. 101 yeah, i know didn’t hardly ever say anything. Nobody did! Oh yes, lean down to start taking off his ankle guard by throwing it don’t be surprised if they call it ball. Four: okay, Applause that off raleigh fingers in oakland second taylor. There we go completely, including dino rostelli, of course, that would have been a higher you’re right, he’s about as level headed a kid as you’re ever gon na see Music first of three Applause and throw off six years old. Now shallow center is newman Applause that’s. Why it’s not long long long long got him looking rubik right down the middle? You know you can make a mistake and get away with it.

That’S, a swinging strike three sick pup night taylor, one nothing after two batters when hayes homered, but two and one it was a weird look about an inch on that back, there’s bellinger, obviously, but when you’re going to second but he’d was successful, polanco busting it down The line shot – oh nice, pick by newman team, but you also don’t see him Applause. Reynolds makes a diving attempt. He can’t come up with it. One not for a second would have played that perfectly the dive. What they have to do. This series, frasier brubacher’s, got an absolutely gorgeous that’s. His flight out struck out looking and reynolds makes another desperate attempt, but he didn’t they were misplayed by milanko and then for showtime american russ. What can you tell us about it? Uh Music, with two outs it’s: three, nothing that’s huge yeah they were frazier gets to that in the back third place. There’S another nice play bye, ballinger ben gamble is out on and now even Applause lines it to left and mueller has picked up a save look at those numbers on the pup. Deck quickly, retires location, just over the head of frasier, very deep, very gone chris feet.

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Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates vs Pittsburgh Pirates | Part 1 | June 9, 2021 – MLB Highlights | MLB Season 2021

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