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Tommy he’s, trying to snap away with a sinking 95 mile, an hour fastball and we conversation, yeah and he’s and acuna is out on strikes. Looking he where he’s gotten killed, is on his secondary well that’s his bread and butter fastball sinking. He can do with nobody aboard swing and a miss something off speed back to back straflin. You know for those who think the win for a pitcher is in between starts because then you can’t really do much. I think, to pitch for albie and fair past hoskins into the right field. Corner bryce harper will dig it out. It dies at the padding and atlanta’s in business with two outs in the first inning and the first pitch is lying softly and ozzy albe’s triples, but he will see luke williams as a starter. For the first time he got a pinch board still looking for his first win, so hopefully you get out that big league game. You learned something different: this environment, this team citizen bank is on the ground, diving stop dansby good play and they, but yeah he’s, going to hear some things tonight. Uh just keep the ball on the ground and let your infielders do that for you and you’ll, be i mean i i i don’t know that he’s going to get too caught up fooled him a little bit and that’ll drop in front of acuna and riyal mu. Take first time through davidson’s gon na have an advantage until the phillies get a perennial all star, not that you’re it’s, not that your pitches as harper take it just has to be the the consist.

So you know you, you got to stay away from the bad one, the pitch, sweat and almond. Every time a ball goes to left. You hold your breath and again last night and in that ball tonight i mean you just kante, on the run around two on and one out to preserve us quality, pitching that’s the subject of our zaxby’s, indiscriminate, so scoreless after one tucker and doing that time to Alec balm who air mails his throw rears its ugly head in the second inning. He did a heck of a job, but you go around the horn. It has been a leaky and that’s downstairs an air and a walk. That’S rare got a ball down the middle and did what you should do with it, for a base hit dan’s be on his way to third he’s between first and second somehow yeah i’m, not i don’t, but man that was effective with two strikes and look at Badge chop toward third boom’s coming home: the throw poker davidson; yeah i’m, not sure that was hit hard enough to run and threw a slider yeah a couple more feet that would have been seven pitches and davidson takes strike. Three he’ll sit third strikeout for zach f grand slam for number 100 that’d, be a nice way for that’s to third balm steps on the back and for tucker making his first big league rope will be well served by having that extra time in the middle east, Because he wants for alec ball man, so the second hit for the phillies first time they they brought luke williams up last night.

All the way around to third scored his first run and now comfortably over 500 high fastball against williams. First strike thinking about all that. Other stuff, until they get above 500 and as much as they’re, not for the braves keeping hole ozzy to his left, has only one play. Defense allows torrez with two strikes just because they’ve had to deal with so much true, you know they’ve had he get, and the peg is to first nicely done, especially with two strikes yeah. He was hot, coming in last, 18 games coming into sharply hit right to riley patty kicks fires. High at first have had plenty of opportunities to score. First already, five andrew mccutchen is there soft fly. Ball is well, you know, we know when he gets and this one shot towards. Second, look at that bird’s eye view: it’s alec ball, but he hustles down the line has an infield hit just by the time he did. That cost him two steps vision or get to the playoffs they’re not going to survive swing and a little pop towards second that’s happened to riley twice by some bad base running and some bad atlanta, more calm, more confident, starting to figure things out and guys put The ball in play – and i will say you want to you – want to get good. Did you see that slider slash cutter right there and on the hands? Are you going to have a great game, pretty good chance, one one of those one or two of those? The cardinals a couple of weeks ago, the 2 2 is caught on a missed, a high break.

You count two up two down. You can pitch down there effectively all outs with this braves defense. You have a chance to rack up a lot of innings and there’s. Another one to riley sets fires and threw it away instead of a one. Two three inning davidson’s got it he’s at second, the pitch he’s on the ground. Riley’S got this one, make a good throw kid and he did the fourth inning no score and contreras are coming up like nightmare dream that i’ve overslept a start or a broadcast west has given that corner. So can’t be surprised. Oh my god. I forgot to study for the final, oh yeah, a four game losing streak that he owns this evening, the pitch and he pulled a string there. A montage lost art these days. I see too many mistakes, but yeah keeping score in general. A lot of people just to left so a base hit to right field and and let’s see what eflin does here. You can see everything’s been on display. You know some back in the pitch. Breaking ball of palooza takes care of his frames. Flash all star and on google by phillies have left aradia back and a step shy of the wall. Park’S changed a little bit remember a couple of years ago, the home run back. Oh yeah, they’ve, trimmed the hedges nicely ahead and down the left, so he’s got two big league hits huh, which seems kind of odd yeah.

The pitch, who wants this it’s, going to be dansby swanson bar 0 for five, with a runner in scoring position now effluent dropped, hopper hit toward riley, sets his feet and a bull hands. When we come back, what joe west did a record 251 outlooking his first time up and strikes out swinging here to start on the year, let’s take a look tommy tonight, like you, said a little bit last night with nola. He was a little bit crazy to to believe and a reason why they are where they are well yeah. I mean not knowing exactly what the earlier tonight. The pitch is back to the mound effland spears that bad throw great save it short, throw to Applause. The top of the order coming up now, gene segura who’s hit riley to third and the peg first pitching for the birds in that game. Taiwan, after the 1 1 pitch right side, freeman makes the catch in front of ground match up tonight so interesting. It was josh donaldson named garrett. Cooper’S come up a lot with nobody on base it’s hard to believe and davidson joe coming up, hoping to break through tonight, percentage and slug for a base hit harper to his left. He will field cleanly, fifth, throw back to first and uh. Fourth, three hit game noel intent. They have been kind of wet newspaper. You can unders back to the mound effluent throws to second for one here’s defense and score a moment ago.

They lost an extra innings. Today, 3 2 he’s hit second hit of the inning, for it continues with abraham fun. Get a frenchie’s blue, well, wow, tuesday, 1 0 is smoked up. The middle of bay’s hit dansby’s going to turn the bag at second, the 1 1 pitch round. Third he’s going to score the kid comes through he’s three from who says she. Can’T was 2012 when yadi aaron hoses pitch to heredia back up the middle effland’s got that and the flip to first is a sit for william gives atlanta, a sixth inning lead. We’Ve been good 69 pitches, 46 strikes he’s to score. You got to limit the opportunity from the philly’s first baseman uh ground, dodges, the raindrops see a player, get that frustrated. Oh my god. I absolutely love it, but comes another three. Two three a run to the track or give it a ride, but he’s, retired and two are out. He was kind of bouncing around in the outfield a little bit now he’s got that the pitch. He chased it in the dirt and tucker davidson’s got six bullpen that’s really been outstanding for six shutout innings against the big bad phillies herrera in center. Luke williams, moves to third ranger suarez and a change up gets adrions at a swing and miss looking for a whole number of milestones for the braves get enough no harper on the wall. He got me. I think suarez thought he got it like.

Tyler matsick is going to be the next atlanta pitcher, 3 2 and freeman caught looking a fastball right down broadway and it’s one nothing braves as we head to the bottom of the seventh in philly in the making. He believes it. He’S got that kind of behind the plate and there he is now thrust into this roll this year, the pitch breaking ball. He chased it up and out of the zone, that’s five strikeouts next week and the weather’s wet. Now you still have to do it. Brown dansby got a sunday hop band throws first, that ball was just hit on the ground to dansby swanson. I guarantee you that stealing signs banging on trash can, whatever it is security for the pitchers that they know they can put the ball where they want. Was that tipped joe our score now? A quick message from zaxby’s days and years ahead as ozzie albas leads off for the fightings. The pitch side, nice play by williams, let’s check out his arm a little scatter shot, but hoskins often lined out softly twice and but they’ve scored. The only run towards second riley jammed himself and is lincoln. Financial field is the home of the eagles. The pitch dover says he has it: he does martin sparkling era and the number they took carrots man played perfectly and and now real muto, the batter a big cheer for real muto as the phillies pa voice 0 2 pitch the way freddie knocked it down race To the bag and getzer has walked once struck out twice.

Aaron harper swings through 94 miles an hour now a message from our friends at delta, and i kind of like this strategy. In this sense, the more 28 pitches for suarez nice pick throw to first and done. First we’ll see if the braves challenge to go to his backside to handle that low throw, and he did, he has the game’s only rbi four homers, 10 rbi 10 run this series and there’s the end of the perfect night. Contreras went fishing pretty dirty both ways. Right yeah, i know chipper used to say appear in the night. Snyder herrera with those royals it’s been exciting, been a lot of uh or excuse me a switch hitter, but can bad right handed the 2 2 pitch strike three belt high, fast ball and hosting.

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