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Four and four 11 7 lifetime against the atlanta braves yeah it’s been difficult for him. Recently. He got the win as last time out. Philly, scored 17 runs in that ball game, but he got the win check this swing again that time he wins as chuck west Applause out to center field. Herrera is there he moves back a couple steps and he makes the catch for the second out. Curveball. Try to back foot it and he walks him so a two out walk now that brings the dangerous austin riley to the plate swing and a shot hammered toward the gap in right center. That ball is gon na get down for a base hit ozzy’s flying around. Second, he’s, coming to third he’s coming home there’ll, be no throw on austin riley with two outs has given atlanta a one. Nothing lead on a ringing. Two strike double with two outs: basketball hit back toward the middle caught by gene segora, see drew smiley’s numbers. Nine starts on the year two and three, with a five nine eight we’ve talked about the home, run ball, so you know, look for him. He’S got a lead, look for him to uh, maybe correct some of that tonight. He’S, obviously aware of it. I know he’s been working on it, so looking to close the door and the 2 2 on the way hit in the air out towards right field. Acuna goes back now comes in and makes a chest high catch for out number one near the bottom of the first inning he’ll try again broken back back to the mound smiley to second for one ozzie flips to first and in time a double play goes into His wind up and here’s the 3 2 on the way that is ripped out to right field at a base hit deposited a fastball out in the right now.

Bryce harper, bobbles it and staying put at first base will be almonte curveball lined out toward left field. Mccutcheon is out there and he makes the catch going back to first almante swing, foul tip hung on two by real muto. Second strikeout. We filmed another change up to get him two outs of the man at first nola ready, here’s, the pitch swing a mess. He struck him out. Applause it’s sharply, but right into the shift. Riley is in shallow right field on the ground, riley smothers, scrambles to his feet and a tag applied at first good play by freddie, freeman mccutcheon it’s, the first pitch. He sees at the deep left center field, going back towards the gap and running it down as abraham amante. Ronald acuna leads it off for the braves and that should make braves fans very happy because in his career he has done very well versus aranola first pitch here in the third inning. Fastball is smashed deep down the left field line towards the pole. That is a home run out of ronaldo cunha. Verano brings the fire power to philly and it’s 2 0 atlanta here in the top of the third inning 99th career homer 18th. This year, tying him with vladimir guerrero jr a little pitch coming ground ball toward the shift off the glove and swanson into shallow center field. Great base running by baum. He just keeps on going and now, first and third, with nobody out – and here is aaron noah, with four sacrifices so far this year, that one’s funded to the right here comes balm and smiley will take it and throw out nola that worked beautifully for the phils It’S, a 2 1 ball game all right, so runner in third and two outs see if gene can get that run home tied this game up.

Wow. Second: walk for segura awesome popped up sander on the diamond. Who wants it in foul ground? Freddy freeman? Is there and it almost popped out of his glove, but he hangs on to make the play ground ball softly to short, terrey has charges got ta hurry and does the wind up and nola’s two strike offer ground ball right side sharply hit, but to his left? Segura, gobbles it up throws on first amante hustling down the line really is just out. William contreras will do his best to get on base here and avoid the one two three inning and his 61st pitch is swung on it. High in the air toward right center field. Herrera turns and watches that ball sail into the stands. Contreras on the first pitch has hit his sixth homer and the braves get that run right back two solo homers for atlanta graves lead it 3 1. Here in the fourth, but center cut man he didn’t, miss it and bryce. Harper will lead off here against drew smiley 3 0 and he blasts this one deep right center field and that one is gone. How about that for timing wow a 3 0 pitch and he whacks it out to right center field and it got out in a hurry, his eighth home run of the season and just like that, it’s a one run game again: 3. 2. That ball was just flat out called it. The 0 2 pitch breaking ball fly ball, headed toward the right field, corner acuna, checks, the scoreboard and somehow made the play.

He turned the wrong way and reached up at the last instant and hauled it in swang. In a drive hit to left, did he get it high enough? No, but it’s gon na die at the base of the wall mccutcheon over picks it up quickly, but not before. Acuna stands at second freddy’s flight out struck out. Breaking ball hammered up, the middle of base hit acuna broke back towards. Second, the ball gets by herrera and aconia will score freeman to second and the braves get a gift it’s a 4 2 atlanta lead curveball bounce toward third should be two there’s one over to first in time, a fastball from gene segora all right. Well, the williams family came to watch their son brother friends, bat in his major league debut – and here is luke williams. Williams had a heck of a last couple months. Joe’S bought bunch toward third. How about that for a beautiful bun – and it goes right on by freddy freeman and it’s stopped by the tri vision, but williams is speeding a third, a bunt single for his first major league hit. Hopefully the fields can get this run home. Gene segura has walked twice that one’s out toward left center field on the run is heredia he’s not going to get it it’s going to go off the base of the wall on one hop williams will score segura to second rbi double it’s back to a one Run game 4, 3 ball game braves, lead it jt, rio muto, who has grounded out and walked out toward right field, that’s well hit.

Acuna is going back toward the corner, it is gone. Another offensive field home run for jt real mucho and the phillies have indeed tied this game up. It’S a 4 4 ball game here in the sixth inning the phillies have first and third brad miller will come on to pinch it and miller lines. One opposite way of base hit that’ll give the phils the lead, as torayas will go to second base. A pinch hit rbi single it’s, a 5 4 game we’re getting late in the ball game anytime. Someone like riley comes up. I think your first thought joe, is tied up with a home run. One two to riley, swung on and hit high in the air to deep left center field, launch back there to the wall. We’Re tied up austin reilly with a home run here in the eighth and it’s a five five game. That ball was crushed by riley. His third base, end of the night terrace, has hit one long ball already tonight. Base hit likely gives the braves the lead again and this one a bullet up. The middle of base head here comes dansby around third he’s, going to score without a throw and atlanta’s taken. The lead three hit game for contreras, two rbis and it’s six, five braves in philly, one no count broken bat little chopper to the mound. Kunrod throws it into center field, streaking around is almonte and he will score second and third and now acuna junior one.

Two count: broken bad line, drive base hit, one run scores here comes already around third there’ll, be no throw and ronald lacunae. Jr does exact some revenge on kunrod, a two strike, broken bad hit, it’s a five run inning and the braves lead it.

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