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Eight press conference featuring the florida state seminoles joined by student athletes, kaylee munch and danny morgan questions for our student athletes. Please danny, obviously, probably one of the highlights of your career, the gigantic home run. Take me through that that at bat and and kind of all the feels for that moment, yeah i just i made sure i took my deep breath – tried not to let the moment get bigger than what it was and just go in there with the pass. The bat mentality and try to get my swing off for the team bailey. What was it like? Uh, you know in the dugout following that home run, for you guys um. It was definitely a crazy environment. We were all screaming, jumping around hugging each other. It was really tough to not go out to home plate, but we were all waiting at the front that i got right for danny when she came in so ronald smith yeah. This is ronald e smith. I just want to talk about after the home run in the next inning. They score to tie the game. So what was for both of you? What was the momentum and the atmosphere for you guys in the duck up going into the next inning? Was it high low? How do you keep yourself focused through it start with kaylee, please i knew that i was coming up in the bottom of the seventh ending, so i was just trying to get something started for my team.

We were pretty pumped to have the bottom of the seventh to try and score that walk off run. So i was just trying to pass the bat for my team, danny um yeah like much said just um. It was a pretty pretty fun atmosphere. Everyone was pumped, but definitely going into the the top of the seventh just reminding ourselves that arizona is a good team and that we need to come out and do what we know how to do and just stay focused and stay one pitch at a time. Barry tremble yeah for both of you players. This is two games now you’ve got in in the new stadium with with the upper deck. How is what’s the atmosphere like with more of a huge stadium uh feel? Is it change anything about the atmosphere of the game? For the players, let’s start with danny, please um, i playing with fans is great, especially when uh so much of the year. We didn’t really get to have a huge atmosphere due to covid so just coming here and getting to play in front of a full crowd. Is exciting and the atmosphere is fun and our fans definitely bring the energy yeah it’s, definitely fun being on this field. I’Ve dreamed of being here since i was probably five years old, so it’s really cool to take in the moment when you’re standing on the field and looking out to the crowd and our fans have been so great to us so far but yeah.

I just feel like having all those fans there. 100 capacity is super cool for us, so we appreciate all the fans that come out and support softball eric lopez for danny uh. You were part of that 2018 run from that loser’s bracket coming from behind and there’s a lot of your former teammates in the stands that were a part of that. Just talk about that experience and how that’s helping you into this run here, as you make a run again once again out of the losers bracket yeah, i think um. You know we’ve been here before we know what it takes to come out of the loser’s bracket and win the whole thing, so sharing that experience with the young ones and uh being the leaders to get us there. Uh is something that us upperclassmen, that have been here before are trying to do graham ace, christopher cayley uh, when you took third on the the errant throw in the bottom of the seventh. Was that just you visually reading the throw going into the outfield? Or did you did you hear anybody? Yelling go, go, go or anything like that. I just i pop up slid into second, and i didn’t expect her to throw it to second, but i slid anyways and then, as soon as i saw, the ball go up her glove. I just went for it, so it was just kind of spur of the moment reed any more questions for our student athletes, uh ronald smith, my questions for both both athletes now that you’re moving on to the next game after after this kind of game.

How do you keep yourselves now centered after this, because this also could be so draining after a battle like that start with kaylee? Please yeah, i think right now, we’re just focusing one pitch at a time, we’re not trying to get too far ahead of ourselves. So we always say the most important game is the next one, so we’re just going to focus on working to play. Osu and one play play one pitch at a time and whatever happens, we know that we’re going to give our also danny uh this break’s important. We have a few hours off and just making sure we get back to the hotel rest and get locked in for the next game. All right question for brian go ahead. Brian apparently brian is a silent type. All right! Congratulations! Kaylee! Congratulations! Danny well done, and we appreciate your time very much and we’ll see you later tonight. Thank you so much now joined by head coach, lonnie, alameda coach. I got to be honest with you. I was sitting there in the sixth inning and i’m thinking i’m gon na have to ask coach about you know it just seemed like you were one clutch hit away from getting back in and winning some games that changed in a hurry. What is about this team? That just you guys just kept fighting and grinding yeah. I mean, i think, that um we talk about fight, that’s kind of been our whole season, as you know, situational hitting and passing the bat and usually uh trying to really live our core value of being smart and being able to make adjustments later in the ball Game and some of our players talked this morning before we left for the the yard and talked about you know, staying in it stay in the fight, because we can make adjustments and do things later in the ball game and danny did that for us today.

It was pretty awesome: mary trammell yeah, you go back uh at ou, you go back to reeves park home field uh, you know, you’ve you’ve, seen this stadium and this atmosphere change year to year. What do you think of it? This year, you’ve played two games with the new upper deck: bigger crowds. What how was how’s the atmosphere different now than even say when you won the title three years ago, yeah i mean there’s, so many things that are different um. I tell you at reeves park. We got kicked off by the club team, so we didn’t ever finish practice. You know so like how much softball’s changed in the state of oklahoma, which is pretty awesome but yeah. I think you know for a lot of collegiate softball players to have that stadium feel all the way around. You know there’s, not many stadiums that have people behind you in front of you sides, you know and upper deck, so it is uh pretty awesome to to be able to see that and be able to take it all in, and i also think it says a Lot for our sport and how much it’s growing and how many people are supporting um. Just the game is softball. You know there’s people here just to watch softball and before it was, you know, fans of teams and and now it’s a place a destination. This time of year, people go to watch the game of softball and uh that’s, really special for our sport.

Eric lopez, coach, danny morgan comes through again that championship pedigree with a lot of their former teammates in the stands coming out of the losers bracket. You’Re, the only team since 2018 that’s come from behind in women’s college world series speak to what she and the senior leadership that’s been here before, leading you the way yeah i mean, i think you know danny’s always been a scrappy style of player. I mean she just uh she’s, just gritty and um. You know you know she’s always in it. She always raises to the to the fight and gets after it, so um it’s just fun. When you have players like that, have been in games and one games. They know what it takes, so you know that they’re gon na give their all at any time and um. You know, i think, for me, just super happy and proud of her. You know, i think every senior in this program wants to leave this place better than they found it. You know it’s something they talk about and that’s why we have all those former players sitting up in the stands right now, because they feel a part of this team. You know they gave blood, sweat and tears to put florida state on the map to have florida state here and so they’re supporting the players that they influence while they’re here and our seniors are trying to do the same for our freshmen. So um. Just a a really gritty effort on her part, i thought kat sandershaw did great today too, and and just having some very mature pitches for a sophomore, but when they’re led by seniors that have so much passion, it’s pretty easy for the young younger ones.

To follow that ronald smith, this is ronald e smith coach. I want to follow up with you talked about catherine and how her grid her performance was. Even when the run came in the seventh, she didn’t she didn’t break and that’s, something that was key so that your team could come at bat and get their chance. How proud of you of her with for that performance? She did today, oh yeah, i mean i, i think, as a coach um this time of year, you’re, not coaching it’s, everything you poured into them and then you start to see it come out and so acc series we put cat in to close the game and It didn’t happen and we’ve got to have a real good talk about leadership, so not only your ability to pitch, but your leadership and and going through your routine to to be present for the moment. So we have a couple errors behind her and she stayed present her head. Didn’T go down uh like the couple plays to josie. She turned around she eyed her up. She talked to her like the maturity i’m, just so proud of her, because we’ve had some long talks earlier in the season for it to show up in these moments, and i think, as a coach, when you see that in this time of the season uh it Just makes you really proud, but she’s very proud of herself. She has earned that, and that goes into confidence in who you are and i’m just excited for her.

You know career to continue um. You know, hopefully here as much as possibly can joy, hillmer, yeah coach. Obviously, you’ve kind of addressed it the maturity and the veteran presence that you guys have. How much did you address after this first loss? The the fact that you can possibly replicate the path that you made three years ago to come back and win the whole thing? Um, i don’t think we really talked about winning a national championship. I think we talk about winning pitches uh. I think when we got home the other night um, you know there’s, so many kids pressing right now, um because they want to do so. Well, so, can you get out of your own head and just relax and be pitched by pitch and it’s so easy to say the mantras and so easy to speak it, but can we actually do it um and then can you do it? You know eyeing each other up, you know, and you can see that that closeness you know starting to work together. So you see danny looking at mason and cass. Looking at you know, mud and mud. You know i’ve got you i’m going to get to third, and that synergy starts to happen. I just i think, that’s a really special, so it’s pitch by pitch and if you can keep putting all those pitches together and you stay in the fight and you keep throwing some w’s. Then then, maybe they’re on monday, but right now, it’s about oklahoma, state and first pitch to last pitch paul uh yeah.

I just wanted to get your opinion. There’S been a lot of speculation and and we’ll find out now or or soon or within the next few days. If mike andrea is going to uh retire and in your opinion, what does he mean to the sport of college softball and and what impact has he had on your coaching career in any way yeah? I think he’s impacted every college coach, whether they know him or they don’t he’s, taken this game to a whole nother level, not only collegiately but internationally, and you know what he’s done for arizona state of arizona, the pac college softball and international softball is um. You know brought such a an awareness to play a high level game. I know when i was at stanford many years like he was the one that we were trying to be all the time and it was be on the field beating, recruiting, beating everything and he’s. Just such a class act he’s always there as a phone call. I was an assistant at stanford. I could talk to him at any point, uh now a coach across the country. I could call him anytime and talk about anything and he’s willing to share anything and everything, and so i think he’s exactly who we all want to be. I think he said we want to be in the game and then you know off the off the field too. So class act um loved the opportunity to play them this year.

They came to our place. We really played them there and it’s just fun to compete against them, their kids don’t quit they play the game. Hard and he’s truly impacted the game at so many different levels, all right last, one from for coach, andrea, edelson lonnie. Do you hope that? Because you were able to get things going offensively in the last two innings that that’ll carry on some momentum now headed into the game tonight, yeah i mean you are who you are when you get here, you’re, not going to find anything different. What i hope is we can continue to scratch and claw and play some defense and do the things that we’ve been doing and when we get our chances we take advantage of them. I don’t want to come back to the park and try to be something different. You know and if the first inning ends up being a five spot, it’s a five spot, but you know you don’t, ask your team to be anything different than we’ve been all season and um. You know, i’m just excited. We get another game to play and i’m excited that these kids get to go out and do the things that they love to do and so um. You know just just smile appreciate the moments and and just lay it on the field. Tell me, thank you very much for your time. Thank you see you later tonight.

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Softball, Florida State Seminoles softball, Lonni Alameda, Women’s College World Series, Head coach 's Postgame vs Alabama WCWS