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The sky is getting dark here in minneola, so we’re going to be watching these storms for a little bit see the sun is to see if they hold together or not we’ll, be watching them from any older. Today, i’m – probably going to go to this parking garage here and uh watch them from there, but not until they get a little closer let’s. Just after all, because the intermodal doesn’t get you high up enough um a little bit of blue sky it’s, very humid out here, dew point near 70, which is crazy for june early june. I should say so: there you go that’s what it looks like on the radar. Now i have a severe thunderstorm warning for new york city, so we have a severe thunderstorm warning now, in effect for queens and it’s, probably going to be headed to nassau, really soon. It’S bowing looks like it’s heading right for me, too it’s over the city right now and it’s got a bow echo. You can see that that’s going to indicate some strong winds right there, the storm’s right over there, so there’s the storm right. There clearly see it. I mean i like this view, because you can really see a lot i’m thinking i get as good of you from hicksville. So as long as i can stay here and hopefully not get told to leave because this this garage is part of the hospital, so it’s not the intermodal center but didn’t say i couldn’t stay here.

So we’ll watch the storm here before it hits obviously, but there it is, and it’s moving at a good clip moving about 40 to 50 miles an hour. So at that rate it should be here less than a half an hour. So here it is so it’s. Probably darker than the camera shows it is dark down. There really dark, can’t see any lightning, but it is dark pitch almost pitch black. This thing should have a nice shelf to it, because it’s got a bow echo. Hopefully it does look at these clouds. That is a really nice. Looking bow Music. You see that it means strong winds, so it is now crossed over manhattan and is entering queens. So it is getting closer that’s, a big storm right there, man, yeah it’s, got about so it’s only severe thunderstorm yeah. I think that there should be a warning for our area really shortly now this thing’s heading right for us, okay, so this is the warning right here remains in effect in new jersey, 60 mile, an hour wind gusts. This is all new jersey stuff. But, oh, i just heard thunder alright it’s coming. If you look closely there’s a shelf cloud there it’s way out in the distance, you can see it approaching there. It is. This is gon na, be quite a storm. Who’S excited for a good storm. I am. I am, i am yes, this is kind of a better view than the bat, the one view we got from belmore from the last storm uh, because there’s no pulse and stuff on the way so we’ll get you get a nice picture of that shelf cloud when It comes in which should be here in about five minutes so or less i’m feeling all tingly hope that doesn’t mean lightning is about to strike.

I haven’t seen any lightning close by i’m. Just i think it’s just the excitement really crazy thing. Is they fly planes right through this? It always has trouble focusing on aiming toward the sky when there’s clouds. Why this? I can actually think this flies on me that’s. What i think i feel like this shelf is coming. I see it. I can’t believe they’re flying planes on our approach into jfk with the storm, which is probably arriving jfk very shortly. Music. Look at the radar still over queens right now should be crossing it over into nassau, so that was the la that last image was at 410.. Uh, this is kind of an old image. Already it’s 420. here’s, the latest radar it’s entering nassau county now, it’s just crazy, it’s, just one plane after another coming into jfk going right. Through this thing, very dangerous, i mean imagine being on a plane and seeing that ah lightning got that it set off that car alarm Music. Oh, that is one of the most beautiful shelf clouds i have ever seen in my life and there’s still flying planes. For this and on an approach to jfk you got ta be kidding me plane is going right through this thing, see that’s what i mean the faa. This is another one, a gripe. You know it’s not a time to write. Look at this – oh my god, it’s. So beautiful this is not something we see here on long island at all.

This is like something you see in the midwest somewhere. A rain shaft is coming, clouds are moving, oh my god, it’s getting dark all right. We got ta start heading down all right. Oh, my god, these clouds wow guys. Sorry, if you see it, maybe it seems like i’m overreacting. A lot of people in the midwest have storms like this all the time, but this is incredible: i’m, now down a level there’s going to be some really torrential rain. Moving in in a moment see the lightning i’m almost positive. We have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect, but i’m, not even look at the phone, because i don’t want to look away from the sky. Look at that there’s the side of the shelf cloud there it’s coming the rain is coming a lot of lightning too. I see here’s the radar it’s going to be it’s, going to be here it’s starting to rain right now. This is the rain shield. That’S approaching us all right get some pretty major wind gusts right now you can see i’m taking shelter yeah. Let me see if i can show you i’ll try to get outside. Most positive is severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this there’s got to be for us. I cannot believe that flying planes for the middle of this storm see they love that routing over the middle of the county. Just i don’t know why they don’t care. The faa does not care about safety when you fly a plane through something like this.

I’M. Sorry, no, you can’t even see the plane. It’S disappeared in the rain shield, which will be here any minute, Music, all right, we’re, getting some protection from the wind here. So i can watch from here there’s the shelf. Whenever you see a shelf cloud like that, you know, storm means business well, this is what happens when you have 70 degree dew points in june i’m starting to get wet over here, so we have to head back up there. Here comes the rain watch so dusty. Here boring here comes the rain. Damn it’s leaking in here no we’re gon na just watch them Applause seems to have dropped off, so maybe we can watch them inside yeah. I really don’t can’t, see much in here it’s coming down now that’s to be given. I got to give myself a good pat on the back for predicting this yesterday. All you had to do was look at the cape values and the lifted indexes on the models, and you know everything is going to line up for this. Storms do appear to be weakening a little bit, probably as they get out here. I’Ll say a little bit it’s the lightning flashing let’s get away from here. Rainstorm come in, got ta, go over here, hey what an insane storm that was well well, the storm itself. Isn’T that bad but uh, but man when it was coming in it really looked amazing wondering if i could catch the train let’s get downstairs, so maybe a train coming.

Let me get on it down these stairs here i can run over and catch that train. I don’t think it came in yet but 37 i don’t think the train came in yet i noticed that this door is vandalized, so the train comes in we’re gon na have to run over to it. I got ta put my mask on. I don’t think i saw it come in yet i don’t know. If it did, you know we can go over there and run into the ticket booting to the ticket machine booth, all right for shelter right. We can do that says it’s arriving. So let me jump over run over there before i get wet well anyway, that’s going to wrap up this video. Hopefully, you guys also got video of this storm very impressive, all right i’m on the train, but i’ll take the seat over here, because the train is crowded but uh it’s. The fourth we’re running about seven minutes late, see the storms have weakened uh time they got here. So i can. Let me get on that train uh, so yeah that’ll wrap up this video. I figured i’d just give you one. Last, look at the radar i’m sure that a warning was issued for nassau for this storm: yep there’s, the warning there sorry it’s, blurry and shaky, but uh that’s gon na wrap up this video. I don’t know why the camera doesn’t want to focus but that’s the view out.

The window still got some rain going, but it’s. It definitely seemed like a weekend when it got here, but still a pretty impressive storm, especially those clouds wow anyway that’s gon na, be it thanks for watching. Oh, it was gon na end the video, but we actually rode right back into the storm again here. Oh that’s, a truck, i don’t, know that’s a good equipment train right back into it. I get to enjoy the storm twice. I can’t believe it. 503 train to port jefferson will arrive in 14 minutes on track. Three i’ve seen a lot of lightning Music. I got ta get on the 20h that’s coming in four minutes. Sure it’s only walking up there in this Music yeah, i got 17.97 it’s a next gen, still some lightning flashes Music. I think there might be another cell over there. I just saw light i’ve seen lightning all over the place, all right, ready, gon na run. Oh yeah there’s, i think there’s, another cell over there there’s another cell over there he’s seen some really light bright. Lightning, flashes lightning is really starting to ramp up the game by the way i’m trying to get across the street, but uh let’s see hold on all right, there’s the radar that’s. What it looks like and you can see storms have just held together throughout the whole. Still getting lightning and thunder here so that’s going to wrap up this video in suffolk county, you still have yet to get a storm, so sit down this thing’s going to probably hit the whole island, so wow conditions looked good today and sure enough.

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