Severe thunderstorm warning, Thunderstorm, Wisconsin FORECAST: Severe storms moving through parts of the state

Estimates i’m going to show you some impressive rainfall totals with this storm. Now this is an estimate of actually i’ll clear that out go into the pixel query mode and you can see that this particular estimate is 4.8 inches of rain uh, two to three inches of rain in other parts of this area. But i’ll tell you what i really think that the rainfall totals are skewed by the fact that there is hail occurring so it’s reading high. But i guarantee you there’s some flooding going on and also you know, some lightning strikes as well and some pretty large hail too let’s go back into our primary intensity mode and we got a nasty thunderstorm right over marlboro, producing lightning torrential downpours and maybe even hail. The size of corridors, we got a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for much of that area until 6, 30 and for other parts of the area. A middlesex and new london counties until 6, 45 and, of course right in the thick of things, is connor lewis and we’re going to send it to him with the early morning weather tracker thanks, bruce yeah we’re, going through marble right now and we’re going through some Torrential rain at the moment, we’ve observed some pea sized hail and it definitely makes sense that there’s potential for upwards of an inch sized hail falling through the storm and it’s also been stalling for a long time as you were discussing and it’s we’re, seeing some localized Flooding so some of these streets that have a bit of a bit of a gradient to them, they’re becoming a small stream, so we’re looking at some really tough driving conditions.

Some folks are just kind of waiting. The storm out they’re pulled over to the side of the road we’re, seeing ponding on the sides of the road and we’re, also seeing frequent lightning strikes. So definitely a good situation to just if you can wait inside and wait for the travel conditions to become a bit better, so we’re on main street in marlborough right now, we’re going to be going towards 66 route, 66 and that’s we’re. Also seeing some of the worst conditions – route – 2 route – 66 at the moment – bruce all right. Connor we’ve had reports of the hail the size of the golf balls in some parts of the state right now. The core of this severe storm is right. Over marlboro it’s. Hailing on chapman road, perhaps lake drive east hampton road, the lightning strikes – and you know the rain – is coming down hard. I guarantee you, there is some flooding going on in this part of the state we’re going to widen this out just a little bit more. You can see there’s other thunderstorms to the southeast of colchester and also into southeastern connecticut around the norwich. All right, windsor locks, unscathed, 77 degrees there, and the same is true in hartford, where you can see some nasty looking weather off in the distance and here’s our eye, cam in new haven, where it’s 71 degrees and nice and quiet so not everybody getting hit. But eastern hartford county glastonbury into hebron marlborough all that area.

There just pounded with heavy rain and hail 70s, where it hasn’t been raining 60s, where it has rain. Dew points are in the 60s right now, so the air is very humid and you can see that we have a severe thunderstorm watch to our southwest. The watch for fairfield county by the way has been canceled. There’S been no severe weather there, but we’re certainly catching it in central and eastern portions of the state right now. So futurecast does show that we’re got light at the end of the tunnel. Things are going to be winding down by 10 o’clock this evening and even before then, and then tomorrow, some patchy fog in the morning, otherwise a partly to mostly sunny day and with that strong june sunshine. Things are really going to heat up. The first day of a heat wave will get in to kick into gear. Tomorrow. Yesterday we were forecasting upper 80’s now we’re forecasting, the low 90’s for tomorrow bad weather to our north tomorrow, look at maine northern vermont new hampshire.

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Severe thunderstorm warning, Thunderstorm, Wisconsin Friday Night Alertin’ | EAS Alerts from 6/4/2021 (EAS #878-898)