Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Donovan Mitchell, NBA, NBA Playoffs, Western Conference, Kawhi Leonard The Utah Jazz WILL Beat The Los Angeles Clippers

So my personal pick is going to be the utah jazz in seven games and i feel like this is a toss up. Just like the milwaukee boxers brooklyn net series. I feel like the winner of this series is coming out of the conference and i feel like these are the two best teams in the conference by far, however, i’m personally gon na take the jazz and let’s hop right into why so, first we’ll hop right into Their starting lineup, they have mike conley donovan mitchell, bogey, royce o’neal and rudy gobert right. That is an excellent starting five and their bench is incredible as well with guys like jordan clarkson. They have guys like joe ingles. They have guys like derek favors, georges niang. They have some great pieces on the bench. Then we hop into the clippers starting five they’re gon na have reggie jackson, paul george kawhi leonard marcus morris and nicholas batum right, so both teams have pretty good starting fives. However, when it comes to depth, i feel like the jazz. Have the clippers beat all the way on that when it comes to star power? Of course, the clippers have paul george and kawhi leonard, but depth. Overall, i feel like the jazz. They have that and that’s going to be very important. The clippers are now coming off of a seven game series against luca doncic and the mavericks and they’ll be pretty worn out going into this series and the fact that the jazz they essentially swept the grizzlies.

Well, it was a gentleman sweep, but we know donovan mitchell played they won all four games and i feel like they’re, just a better overall team, now let’s just break down a few key elements to why. I think that the utah jazz will end up winning. I know a lot of y’all who think the clippers are going to win. You think that they’re going to be able to five out and take rudy gobert out of the game, and yes, this definitely can be true. The los angeles clippers, i believe they shot like 43 as a team from three pointer this season. Absolutely incredible. Marcus morris was amazing, paul george, all of them during the regular season they were hitting their threes at an unprecedented rate. However, when we’re talking about the playoffs, when the game is slowed down, we talk about how they were able to beat the dallas mavericks it wasn’t by hitting all those threes. The way they got dallas out of there was they had to attack the paint. Paul george was getting all his points in the paint essentially kawhi. He goes into the mid range and he goes into the paint and with rudy gobert in the paint. That’S not happening is it’s just simply not true. The way that the clippers win. This series is they’re gon na have to be hitting 40 percent from three and they’re gon na have to five out to take rudy gobert out of the game, because they’re not gon na win by going into the paint that’s just not possible, and the jazz just Has so many options, let’s say donovan mitchell, who i personally think can average like 30.

This series let’s say he has a bad game only ends up scoring 22. bogdanovic is right. There he’s averaging a dub. You can have jordan clarkson off the bench come in and give you 20 something points. Joe ingles he’s, probably going to give you like 15 points. Eight rebounds eight assists mike conley all star this year. He can provide you a ton of scoring and royce o’neill he’s a perfect three and d player overall as a collective. This jazz team is just so much better they’re finally healthy. Now, everyone is ready to go and paul george simply hasn’t shown up in the playoffs. Since he’s been with the pacers, well, let me not say he hasn’t shown up he’s been a great player, of course, but he’s, not the player, that we wanted him to be in the playoffs he’s, not that star he’s, not that superstar and he tends to shine Away from the light and ultimately the way that the clippers can win, this series is going to be kawhi leonard, going absolutely demon mode. He’S gon na have to average, like 35 points per game, play incredible. Defense, which we know is possible, but the role players will also have to step up and hit their threes at an insane clip, and i feel like that’s just asking too much after we saw that they were able to do so against the mavericks in the seven Game series so yeah, my personal pick for this series give me the utah jazz in seven games.

Would i be surprised if the clippers went? Definitely not. They have the star potential and you guys see right now. I was wrong about the books, but i feel like this jazz team is just super special there’s, a reason they have the best record in the nba. They have arguably the best starting five all around in the league. They have two six man of the year candidates. This team is for real and i personally have them going to the finals where they’ll probably get smoked by the nets, but yeah. Let me know in the comment section down below who do you think is gon na win this series. I just had to give y’all my personal little prediction and yeah i’d love to hear your input down below. I could totally be wrong once again. I’D love to hear your input.

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Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Donovan Mitchell, NBA, NBA Playoffs, Western Conference, Kawhi Leonard kins reacts to Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz in Western Conferece Semis