Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Donovan Mitchell, NBA, NBA Playoffs, Western Conference, Kawhi Leonard Tim Legler breaks down Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz in Western Conf Semis

Semi’S tim legler is back with us and you know legs. Suddenly it feels like the clippers may just be the team to beat now in the western conference. They get the utah jazz coming up next legs what’s the most intriguing part of that series to you. Well, look, i think, for me, it’s going to be how the clippers can defend utah and the three point shooting that’s what this team has lived on all year. They’Ve got four exceptional ball screen players that can create offense. I don’t think any team in the league has four guys on this level that can create offense off a ball screen with conley, mitchell, clarkson and ingles, and what they do is it’s a constant game of penetrate and kick and they move it. They always find the open guy. They always make the extra pass. They also can win games by the way kevin defensively and knights. They don’t shoot. Well. This is a team that can win 100 to 96 games, so for me, it’s just a matchup of raw talent. On the part of the clippers and a team in utah, that is the ultimate. When you look at cohesion on both ends of the floor, the jazz is so tough to beat in utah as well. Game win is on tuesday meantime, it was announced on sunday. James harden out of monday’s game two against the bucks. He played a total of 43 seconds in game. One though brooklyn did find a way without him, legs what’s the impact on both teams, knowing that hardin will not be playing in game two look.

I don’t think it’s even fair kevin to talk about brooklyn’s depth, that’s almost insulting to the rest of the league when you’ve got kevin, durant and kyrie irving standing there. Really. That is your death. So really, what do you do? You ask two guys uh, that that have been that good throughout their careers and can you do a little more? I don’t think they’re gon na have a problem with that uh. So so katie and kyrie are built for this. Obviously, it’s a big blow and james harden is the guy that was orchestrating this offense. It really became his team from day one so it’s a big blow without a doubt, but kevin durant and kyrie irving are two of the most difficult matchups in the entire league. They have always played their best basketball and the lights are brightest, so i think that brooklyn nets are going to be able to withstand this pretty well, although you know, milwaukee now has to sense a little bit of life at least give us a chance. If you take one of those guys out of the mix, they do feel like you have to have a better chance to defend these guys, but katie and kyrie are so good. I would not expect anything less than those two guys to up their game. Can you try to win it with only two mvp caliber players, as opposed to three here in game? Two, our mvp tim legler thanks legs, what a sweet, the mavs win that’d be the first time that ever happened all seven games going to the road team there.

It is and there’s kawhi and luca he came out fiery three pointer goes. He was five of 11. that’s, a good percentage for luca step back with rondo on him. Nobody could stop him early. He would play 45 of the 48 minutes in this game and one that big thick body is so effective near the hoop 29 points in the first half most points and a half of the game. Seven over the last quarter of a century, hasn’t fared well in the second half, as you see, they’re averaging nearly nine points less after halftime we’re tied at 81 in game, seven, luca, no speed up to the other end leonard Applause in the corner, and he finishes With the slam kawhi efficient 10 of 15 from the floor, luca back in the smaller dude one hand again. Second, half woes continue. Speed up again, two point lead for the clippers swing it Music, marcus morris hits the three and here come the clippers starting to make their move. It’S five morris again: seven of nine shooting three marcus morris, really stepping up tying steph curry’s record for most game. Seven threes later canard man, no leonard 28 points and 10 rebounds for kawhi one assist shy of a triple double and it’s starting to slip away, and the clippers are starting to dance a 24 to four run to end. The third fourth quarter still a game, though 11 point lead and reggie jackson. The jack show clippers shoot 47 percent from three donchits trying his best step back three 46 points.

Second, most in game, seven, history, but leonard to jackson. The clippers set a game: seven record with 23 pointers, made they win 126 to 111. They move on to play the utah jazz team win. We wanted this moment. I mean it was a great test for us. You know on making this battle testing going into the second round um so like i said it was a great win for us just for me, it’s about the situation that’s in front of you um, just because you play great in whatever nine game sevens. It doesn’t mean you don’t, play great in in game ten, and you know vice versa, um so it’s all about the moment um, you know. Sometimes, when you’re overconfident you play bad. Sometimes, when you’re down yourself, you play good but, like i said for me, it’s about focusing in that moment having fun and um, you know playing playing hard that’s it. This is a game of basketball, 28 leonard 23 morris 22 paul george kawhi special series in round one. He joined shaquille in the 2000 nba finals as the only players to average 30 on 60 shooting in a playoff series. This century kawhi’s average field goal attempt against dallas, however, came from over 13 feet away from the hoop shaq’s average shot. Distance was four and a half mavericks go home early again, we’re very disappointed with the result of the series. Obviously, i i thought, through the course of it, there was a lot of growth.

A lot of very valuable experience, but uh you know losing in the first round is, is something that uh we don’t like doing. We gave everything i’m really proud of this team. Obviously i hate losing we hate losing but i’m proud of my team. The playoffs is different than the regular season. You know and game seven is, is the toughest game. You know you got ta, give everything today wasn’t the result we wanted, but we’ll come back next year. Mavericks still have not won a playoff series since the 2011 nba finals, luca owen 2, in his career in playoff series, but his numbers. This series were historic, became just the second player to average 35 and 10 joining russell westbrook. His 46 points on sunday were tied for the third most in a game. Seven in post season history and were the second most in a loss. Tim legler is open. Let’S get him the rock legs by the way. First off shout out luca, he absolutely sparkled in this series, he’s the best young player in the nba kawhi was insane legs on sunday. What did the clippers find in games? Six and seven of the series? Well, i think what happened was they started to exploit dallas defensively? I don’t think dallas has great defensive fundamentals. I mean you saw this series. They went to a lot of zone as a result of that, and i just thought the clippers got that separation they needed in the third quarter, where they really took advantage of some defensive mistakes.

And you know it starts when you get out in transition and if you don’t match up and you’re going to have someone make a basket cut when you’re unaware you’re going to end up then leading to an over rotation. As you see, the mavericks do when this ball goes to terence man take a look at the way four white jerseys converge on the lane and then now you have a prob you’re chasing the basketball. You see. Eventually, they make a couple passes. Marcus morris knocks down the three. This is a critical stretch in the game and then another issue they have with zone defense, it’s blocking out it’s, always a problem whenever you play a zone and offensive rebounding was an enormous issue for the mavericks. In the second half you take a look at this one by kawhi leonard. You know this is a simple dead sprint down the middle of the lane. When the shot goes up. Nobody gets a body on him because all five guys are watching the flight of the basketball and again a critical time in the game to be able to come up with a loose ball and get the put back in the and once so. I think what it ended up being was a great individual offensive performance by luca throughout the series really just mesmerizing to watch not enough help. Ultimately, and then i just think the defensive fundamentals are not there with that team and eventually, when you’ve got a team with as much talent and offensive talent as the clippers they’re going to wear you down at some point, they went on a run at the most Opportune time and just did not give dallas enough time to recover and once again luca will be going home in the first round of the playoffs and by the way role players stepped up for the clippers.

Terence man, luke canard had big games in game. Seven clips get utah coming up in the next round, leg’s thoughts on that series plus more on james harden and the injury coming up later.

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