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No, i mean i congratulate them again past the first round they handled their business. I had my reservations at first. I thought they were go. I picked them to win the series at the start of the series max then i thought they were going to get swept after losing the first two in la props to them they came back, but then they go back to los angeles and they lose game. Five. Giving up 40 to luca and then they’re going back to dallas in game six, which i thought they would win. I thought they would win game six and then be typical, clippers and do and and losing game seven. Because of the way the series had gone but props to kawhi leonard for showing up showing out handling his business, reminding us the superstar talent that he is major major props and props to paul george as well. Average 23. A game in this series shot better than 46 percent from the field in this series he handled his business as well. Marcus morris came up big time yesterday, with some big time shots. I give him a lot of credit along with reggie jackson, but with all due respect, the dallas mavericks might have luca, but they ain’t the jazz that’s. The next team top four offensively averaging better than 116 points per game, top three defensively, yielding about 107, a game in their first round playoff series against the utah jazz. They got not one, not two, not three, not four, but five dudes averaging at least 17 a game.

They got elite. Perimeters, uh defenders like conley and royce o’neill on the perimeter. You’Ve got rudy gobert, who may be defensive player of the year in the interior and oh by the way they got a superstar too, because donovan mitchell is on that level. Let me be very, very clear: i’m, not speculating i ain’t guessing. I don’t need to see i’ve seen it. Donovan mitchell is d wade 2.0. This brother is something special and whatever you had to deal with with luca you gon na, have to deal with with donovan mitchell, so kawhi and paul george look out because donovan mitchell is coming. The difference between him and luca is that donovan mitchell got help. I didn’t even remember about donovich conley and and go being those boys offensively, okay, oh and and and engel as well angles that’s right. They he has helped um luca. Did it don’t get me started with you and porzingis i’m so done with him yeah his body won’t hold up that’s right, his body won’t hold up well, he was in the game yesterday yeah, but he has to always play himself back to where he was here’s. The bottom line you have to be confident in kawhi and paul george, after what you just saw, i am the real issue has never been kawhi will kawhi answer. The bell: has he had bad games in the playoffs? Everyone has including kauai kawhi, is one of the most clutch players.

Who’S ever played basketball. Look at his playoff resume. He is a two time: finals, mvp once as a 22 year old baby and later on, as the as the best guy on the team in toronto. For two different franchises and by the way, stephen a that’s, just the finals mvp if they gave out playoff mvp he’d, have some of those too, because he’s had playoffs where by then you go. That dude was the most clutch dude in the playoffs, including the year. He won it with toronto. Okay, the series against toronto was not his most impressive series. He was. He went crazy that whole time, okay kawhi as a lead dude in the playoffs, you have to be confident in he did it again. You know what he, by the way when i say he did it again. You know what he did. He talked about steph curry. 50. 49. He went 60 49 for this seven game. Playoff series: how about this one kirk goldsberry had this on espn um of all players ever to score 200 points in a playoff series. If you scored 200 points, probably went seven games right yeah. There are only three dudes until now who shot 60 percent from the field. 60 and kawhi is a wing. Those shots, as we saw from the graphic, are coming from distance, shaq, wasn’t, a wing kareem wasn’t, a wing bernard king, stephen, a remembers, a sweet shooting, dude bernard. Those are the only three ever to have 200 points.

60 kawhi is fine. So the question is paul. George, do you have confidence in poultry? What do we see from paul george he’s played in this series consistently better than he’s played in a high leverage in high leverage moments throughout his career in the playoffs playoff p? If anything is porzingis now not paul. George let’s be honest. He is that a second banana who you can win a title with yup from what i saw that dude played well enough to be the second dude. He has to keep that up. The jazz are a whole lotta right now. You make me pick: i’ll take the clippers because they have kawhi and paul george i’m. Not doing that. You’Re gon na have to show me you can beat the utah jazz. I think the utah jazz are the best team in the western conference. I think they’ll be phoenix or denver and i definitely think they’ll beat the clippers you got to show me. You can take these brothers out because i believe in these utah jazz, because i believe in donovan mitchell. All everything is predicated on donovan mitchell. If he’s not playing all bets are off, but with him on the court with the utah jazz, they are something special to behold: quinn, snyder, he’s, a coach. He was a coach of the year candidate and well deserved rudy gobert defensive player of the year. As long as he ain’t going against joel and bdi, he ain’t okay, not to say that jokis can’t give him a little something something too.

I understand he can but i’m just saying. Joel embiid is a different monster because of his athleticism and his abilities with jokic. He can’t jump onto a curve, but somehow some way nobody can stop him. I’Ve, never understood him, passing it but i’m. Just saying that that’s, not you! If you’re a defense, if you’re a defender against jokage, you can’t worry about his passing that’s. What i mean i’m talking about a straight up defense, you know a straight up like man up and manning up against them. No, you pass the ball to somebody else. That’S, not your concern i’m. Just talking about what he did want to follow him, giving him 30 giving him 30 well. If he had to yeah, he could pull him, but he could pull go bear away from the basket that would make that series interesting. I understand that, but in the end i’m, looking at the arsenal, these brothers for utah, they can play it slow, they can play up tempo and they hit threes yeah. They shoot and defend threes it’s going to be interesting. No doubt can’t wait, but i got utah. I got utah winning that series by the way so does vegas mike conley’s hamstring, not so great, so yeah, you know donovan mitchell needs he needs everything you said is true about the team. He still needs a second dude. A second banana like kawhi, has who can get his own shot hook up his teammates.

You still need that and connolly’s not going to be able to get into this a little later. All right, maybe we disagree. We disagree.

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