Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, National Hockey League Reviewing Game Five, Golden Knights vs Avalanche

Vegas is one of the most opportun opportunistic teams in the league right there with the islanders that you can have them down. You can have them down, but it doesn’t take much for them to get a win. It doesn’t take much time to come back, and you know this. This game never really felt over. I really didn’t feel like it was over so it’s an early chance for vegas. The abs seemed to be kind of slow out of the gate again. Uh fleury, then stops a chance from taves or fast breaks, both directions. Uh grubar stops the chance for petro uh gerard had a net drive that was cleared, so we we get equal chances to start the game. And again i thought vegas was playing relatively well uh. Ronson and then fails to bury one. I i don’t know how he misses that i really don’t and then he takes a penalty, so it’s it’s, a double it’s, a twofer it’s, a you don’t score the goal and take the penalty. Uh mikko. Ronson is officially struggling. A little bit no points in two games for mckinnon. That is now three games. This is the first time that’s happened since the 2019 playoffs, so nathan, mckinnon who’s been an absolute beast throughout the playoffs, all of a sudden has gone cold and it has to be frustrating to him, and now he cannot afford to get shut out again in the Next game, because the next game could very well be the last game for colorado until october, so yeah um and then uh shorthanded chance for nachoskin who had a great game uh.

The abs then cleared out again uh, then out of the box ronton and mrs wide. No point, since they said in two games for for mckinnon, uh grubhauer saves a mcnab shot, vegas presses with eight and a half minutes left after a nemeth turnover. Oh the turnovers, the turnovers, just you don’t hand turnovers to these guys. You you have to you, have to be smarter with the puck uh, the abs weren’t, getting to the net enough uh vegas getting zone time with four and a half minutes left the fan’s getting kind of restless. Uh holden then had a shot saved more pressure by the vegas gold mates. The abs weren’t, able to clear gruber, gets knocked away from the net by by mckinnon, so mckinnon. Looking to end his point streak, you can’t score on your own net nathan. Doesn’T count. I mean you can it’s not not recommended it doesn’t count as a point for you uh the absolute clear dice it. They survived that petrangelo fires, one wide it looked like vegas – could really take over this game. So what’s funny is that i kept hearing on sportsnet about how, through 40 minutes the first 40 minutes, vegas looked kind of overmatched and, like maybe the the altitude was getting to them. I can understand that in a second, but what were they watching in the first vegas played very well in the first period, uh graves had a shot blocked as the abs pressed back and then at 1959, with .

8 seconds left sod scores from taves and rotten, and It goes over flurry’s shoulder, so the puck goes over his shoulder here, he’s bringing his glove here and trying to bring it across to make the save, instead of just putting his shoulder over and up which most most goalies will make to make the shoulder safe. I thought he was trying to get a fancy save in there that’s. It looked to me like fleury was kind of uh, maybe just playing fast and loose like i’ll just grab that over here and he didn’t. So it looked bad and you could tell after went in that he wasn’t happy. So i saw that and i thought okay, so this is the kind of goal that can haunt a goaltender right. This is this is a bad goal. There’S no way around it’s a bad goal. Second period uh flurry chance to open as the abs were pressing, um mckinnon tries the solo mission that’s defended. There was a lot of that tonight. There was a lot of solo missions attempted by colorado when i say that i mean it’s, one versus five and you’re just watching going i’m, not sure what you’re thinking uh pressed by vegas at three and a half minutes but angelo’s shot saved flurry denies joe’s the Shots were five to two for the abs six minutes into the period uh makara had a shot saved. Vegas works, keeping the shots to the outside, though so, not a lot of really good opportunities.

The shots are there. The shots will tell you that colorado had the advantage there, but in terms of the quality vegas was making sure they were low risk shots, white cloud and o’connor got kind of unfriendly. No calls out of that uh pressed by vegas abs ice. It confer then had a fast break that was broken up some good end to end action. There new hook had a wraparound attempt that was defended the abs press at the half pretty loud fans at this stage night and day for the abs at home. The abs have been absolutely manhandled and in the second period they started to look good confident. This is the confidence for the abs, which seems to be shaky, and we saw that tonight in the game we really did mckinnon’s shots blocked. Graves was denied, vegas clears it out, flurry robs and nachoskin, but it’s only one, nothing. This is important. Fleury’S making all these saves colorado’s getting all these opportunities, but it’s only one, nothing nutuscan, then rips, one wide. The abs pressed some more and then donskoi would make it two nothing from new hook and nemeth at 1628, and that was after so many opportunities for for colorado and you’re feeling bad for flurry. At this stage of the game. Right uh great pass great goal. The abs then added two on one theodore defends that uh carlson’s line, presses landscog would clear it out one shot in the second half to this stage of the period for vegas.

That was really good defense by it by the avalanche and then raw would get the second and then, in the last minute, carlson had a shot, go wide, so we’re going into the third. It is two nothing in favor of colorado, colorado, 31, 1 and 1, leading after 2 in the 2021 season, 4 0 in the playoffs, when leading after two and remember they won the first two games of this series. Vegas won the next two. So what happens here? Uh here we go uh tuck scores from raw and yan market 103., and you know it’s a it’s, a turnover that leads to the goal: tuck flips it into the net, not much chance for gruber on that and it’s one of those. What are you guys doing if you’re trying to lock down a game let’s not turn the puck over, especially, you know, yanmark forces the turnover and ends up in the net off of tuck’s stick. This is third period. Vegas vegas is 14 1 in the playoffs over tuck’s career in vegas, when he scores a goal so it’s important to them that they get a goal from him right then there’s a chance for mckinnon that was saved theodore had a chance that was blocked. Vegas in this now, you could sense a huge shift as soon as that puck goes in from alex tuck. They know they’re in this game this. This is a game. Now that is wide open.

They have every opportunity to tie this game and colorado starts tensing up a little bit. Um end to end action. Uh vegas gets a three on two on a really iffy turnover, so the abs are pressing and here’s the thing. If you’re gon na press always make sure you’ve got more guys, you’ve got guys back you’re protecting a lead, it’s understandable. You want to get that extra goal, but because the pass is going to graves – and i think it was comfort that deflects it. It goes right to vegas and on the three on two you don’t hand it over to william carlson either we always talk about how great stone is as a two way forward, and he is. He is up for the selkie selkie trophy for a very good reason, but while bill william carlson is fantastic as a two way forward, he gets that puck over to marsha soon at 407., this game’s tied this game is tied with two goals in three minutes and Four seconds: this is a game that, after 40 minutes yeah colorado, looks home and cooled, but after two bad goals on turnovers i’m, not saying bad goals like they were grubauer or bad goals. But these are goals you can’t give up. If you’re going to be a stanley cup champion, if you’re going to live up to the hype, you just can’t allow these things these things to happen and for vegas again opportunistic. They turn the puck over cool we’re, going to take it uh vegas, then pressures for the lead brown had a shot that was saved.

He had a couple actually carlson’s line wants another rontinen nearly scores, but he wasn’t allowed to get a goal tonight. Chuskin fires, one wide the shots at eight minutes were six to two in favor of vegas colorado is shooting the puck wide a lot they’re, also shooting the puck at the vegas gold knights uh. There were a lot of shots from the point that they’re not getting through and and so here’s the thing too you’re you’re the defenseman you’re, taking the shot from the point. You’Ve got three vegas golden knights out front coming at you. If they not only block that shot, but they get that turnover now it’s a three on two at best it’s, a three on two: if they blow past you it’s, maybe a three on one, maybe a three on, oh and and so it’s, just the shot selection By colorado and the third was lacking, they get out shot in the third. I didn’t see the shot attempts, but i wouldn’t be surprised if colorado had more shot attempts than vegas at certain parts of this game when it’s tied, but the actual shots would have favored vegas, so um o’connor had a break. Fleury makes the save on that landscape lost the handle on one then there’s, a delay of game call. The avs get a power play macar during the power play deeped himself into the boards. Uh it’s a bold strategy to deak yourself right off your feet and fall into the boards.

Um shot blocks by vegas, really strong clears the chuskin hits the outside of the net after the after the uh. The power play ends jose had a fast break. That was turned aside. Then we get a delay on a a glass uh um issue in in the end one end of the ice and yeah, so that gives everybody a chance to rest. Landiscog fires, one high when we get back to the action vegas press with two minutes left makar turn over to stone in the last minute. So again, this is a situation where my car is trying to force something to happen which leads to turnovers and again stone. On one line carlson on the other, these guys will force turnovers uh vegas defense was swarming; stone misses wide in the final 15 seconds, so we go to overtime 10 seconds into it. Confer can’t put it home, can’t, put it home and yeah uh, so graves then had a shot. That was blocked and it goes the other way on a turnover because graves is shooting it at the vegas golden knights, so petrangelo to pachareti pacha, ready to stone stone, buries it at 50 seconds. Vegas wins this 3 2 they’re up in the series to two going home with a chance to end this in a couple of days. So for colorado it it doesn’t, look good right! Now they now have to go to vegas, they have to win against vegas and then they have to come home and win a game.

Seven, after that, uh the shots are ten to nine in the first in favor of colorado, 11 to five in the second and the third vegas out shoots from 10 to seven in the overtime colorado, with two shots to one in favor of the the vegas gold Nights vegas gets the shot that matters, the one that goes in the net final shots 30 to 25 for colorado power plays both teams go over one in the power play, so there wasn’t, really anything being called in. This hits 41 31 in favor of colorado, blocked shots 26 11 in favor of vegas flurry saves 28 out of 30.. He had a very good game. Uh gruber saves 22 out of 25.. Ah, they were turnover goals. They were fast breaks. The other way they were plays that yeah. I feel bad for grubhour because again for colorado, they just they did not have what they needed in order to close this out and now they’re in danger of being closed out themselves in a couple of days when they go to vegas all right. So there you go. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding tonight’s game and the result uh don’t forget to hit like and subscribe. If your browser way 3 just happened upon this video and hey. Thank you guys so much for watching.

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